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I can’t find the cable that attaches the camera to the computer. Instead, I will describe, in some detail, what you would be seeing if I were able to include my pictures. I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas (or winter holiday of your choice) and did NOT loose your firewires while visiting your husband’s family.

Family Denim is on hold while I make a few decisions: A) Do I rework the pattern to fit the Denim Style gauge I like? B) Do I break down and order the Debbie Bliss yarn that is Outrageously Expensive? I mean really, people, cotton grows just down the road and I KNOW how much a bale is worth. C) Do I order another yarn for the sweater and use the Denim Style for something else? Since these questions remain unanswered, I have swatched for a couple of new projects.

A swatch still on the needles. It is a simple, ribbed and cabled pattern in a Powder Blue that hovers between Pretty and a little Too Much.

The above is a swatch for Veste Everest in the the Interweave Knits of Fall 2005. I’m not totally sure that the Creme Brulee is going to work for this (it’s really a DK weight and the gauge wants worsted) but since I’ve already got it I thought it was worth a shot.

On double pointed needles, a thin curly bit in a natural color.

This is the beginning of Elizabeth’s Over-the-Knee Socks. The very beginning. I have a looooong way to go. As a little bit of an aside: there are people who love bamboo needles. LOVE them. I am not one of these people. Especially if they are size 2 DPNs. I just feel like I’m going to break them in half any second. But I only have four aluminum 2s and with 84 stitches, I really need five. The bamboo ones were on sale. Sigh.

I also finished one of the green striped socks (the pop-up image is of the dog wearing it) and have started the second. M’s blue ones have been washed three times now and still look great. Certainly no different than any of his other (more expensive) hand-made ones looked after three trips through the wash. Knit Picks wins again!

In closing, I hope every one has a very Happy New Year and I will buy a replacement cable at our Wal-Mart this afternoon.


The couch is full of yarn. And cats.

chock full of yarn

I finished those Blue Striped Socks. M wore them to the Nutcracker – the participating Davis’ were very good by-the-way. I did not make a pink doll sweater, I just couldn’t talk myself into it. There’s always January. I had to order another set of size 2 dpns for Elizabeth’s socks (I only had four and they were pretty short) so that’s on hold for a bit. I’ve been working on a sleeve for the Denim Family Pullover, but I’m just not sure about this yarn. I am substituting Bernat’s “Denim Style” for the Debbie Bliss, and it is listed as the same weight and gauge. If this is the case, why am I having to knit with it on size 4s instead of the recommended 8s to get it the right size? That just doesn’t seem right. The resulting fabric is stiff and I just don’t think it’s going to look right. I am thinking of giving up until after Christmas and working on my Green Striped Socks (kin to the Blue Striped Socks that can be seen above).

Then there is this:

death grip kitties

Betty, honey, Lucy can’t breath!

the wicked old scarf is done

The Christmas scarf is finished and blocked!

pink scarf

I’ve got enough leftover yarn to make a second scarf if anyone wants to trade/barter/offerme$10 – I won’t be making another. I’ll include the pattern, of course. It turned out prettily as well as very drapey and soft – a Decorative Scarf.

pattern detail

See? Pretty.

I started swatching for the Family Denim Tunic (Weekend Knitting) but I am experiencing a certain level of indecision. It seems to me that I have no business starting a project of this size with all of the Christmas Baking that is coming up next week. I ought to start something that I can put down quickly. Like the Over-the-Knee-Socks (Handknit Holidays) for Elizabeth or the hiking socks for Mark at the Library (that’s going to be a challenge, his shoe size is 15E). I also need to make another doll sweater (pink) for the Davis Household (the new doll was purchased with Her Own Money) before Sunday (going to see the Nutcracker – one of them is Clara this year). So really, swatching for a sweater is not the Best Plan. Making two swatches in stockinette instead of seed stitch was also a set back (some might say a Sign).

not a lot

Not a lot of knitting lately (stupid scarf) but Animal Crossing is out! My Darling Sister and I gave it to each other for Christmas so that we can visit even though we’re miles away. It rocks. Anybody else want an out-of-town visitor?


We took Mamie (NoSeeUm Kitty) to the vet for shots and surgery on Friday. Since then she has been in M’s office. We open the door and even carry her outside, but she comes right back in. Does anybody want an indoor cat for Christmas?