Monthly Archives: December 2005


tiny monkey

What do little monkeys want for Christmas?

When I finished this little monkey up, he looked rather chilly (and naked). So I made him a sweater with leftover pumpkin top yarn. I think it goes rather well with his complexion. He’s got less hair than the original Mr. Dangly (one tuft seemed to be enough) and I made his bottom less pointy than the original so he’s not a True Clone*. This was a super-quick, fun knit if anybody needs a last minute present.

The Lacy Scarf is neither super-quick nor fun. This is because the yarn requires too much concentration. I can’t read while working on it. I can’t watch anything on TV that I actually have to look at. I could probably listen to a book on tape. Probably. It’s just too easy to split stitches. I am Not Motivated to finish this scarf. It’s lucky I’ve got Christmas as a deadline or it would never get finished.

*Although, an argument can be made for genotype vs. phenotype.