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Pink Socks: 3/4 finished

We had a terrible thunderstrom yesterday. I was doing domestic type things when I heard a BANG and Michael hollared really loud. I figured the cats had done something. So I went in and saw him in the process of laying down on the floor holding his hands and making a terrible face. The laptop was on the hearth. I quickly assessed the situation (like they teach you to do in First Aid).

I said: I can’t BELIEVE you had that plugged into the wall!
I said: Are you breathing? (he was)
I said: I CANNOT BELIEVE you had that plugged into the wall!
He said: Stop laughing at me. I am electrocuted.
I said: I’m not laughing.
He said: You sure didn’t run very fast.

I am at the heel of the second pink sock. I took it with me in the car to the DAR district conference in Montgomery. I did not knit during the actual meeting (even though it was Very Very Boring) but I did get the sock out for a picture after lunch.

on the table

Lunch was NOT good. The Pie was OK. We stopped at the Russell Stover Outlet on the way home.

Great Gran worked on a baby blanket.

crochet away

She is also working on a really pretty cardigan from one of the Jaeger books I ordered. But I can’t remember to get a picture.

The above photos are courtesy of Mr. Pink.

The below photo is courtesy of the regular digital camera.

William Henry you are hurting me.

This is how William Henry prefers to read email.

Sure it looks cute, but his claws HURT. It makes me not want to check my email very often. Which might explain why I am so slow about it sometimes. Rotten cat.

I almost fogot! KT (not that one the other one) is hosting a Frog-a-Long! If you have a project that you can’t stand to finish or a finished one that you just can’t stand (and really, who doesn’t), don’t waste the yarn! Rip it right out on September 8, 9, and 10. You’ll feel so much better. I’ve already got my project picked out!

The Counterpain

I forgot to mention that I installed an Epic CounterPain Tracking Chart over in the sidebar. As I complete a square, I will fill it in on the Chart and eventually, someday, I will be finished. This way, you can all feel discouraged and overwhelmed right along with me. Hooray!

Care Package

I am the luckiest girl in the world.

box of thoughtfulness

When Susan said that she thought some chocolate would help me to feel better about all my recent Sad, I expected a chocolate bar or two. I certainly did not expect enormous Box of Thoughtfulness that arrived yesterday! I would list for you everything in it but it would take a while so I’ll just hit the highlights.

CHOCOLATE. I started with the Raspberry, it matched my socks.

candy and socks

One sock is finished! WOOT!

And moved on to cherry almond (M had most of that one) and mint. We have barely scratched the surface. All the ginger candy is gone too – but there will still be stitchmarkers and music long after the treats are gone. The cats were even included – they swiped the catnip off of the table and took it down the hall to play with it. This is the best shot I got of that scene. Pardon the blur, there are five cats in that picture.

But, and I say this in all seriousness, the best thing was the muffin recipe. I even had everything in the house to make them (I took it as a sign and had them in the oven even before I wrote Susan to say the box was here). They are complex, unusual and pretty to look at.

magic muffins

I have had them for supper and breakfast. And I will have them for supper again! Except, they probably don’t go well with lasagna.

Susan might share the recipe if you asked very very nicely. What are you waiting for? Go ask!

PS Susan, I am pretty sure Thisbe and Betty are cousins.
PPS We have had a thunderstorm every day for the past two weeks.
PPPS Ernesto got his name.

Robbie Dingo

Sorry, I am having a bit of a movie phase at the moment, but I have to share Stage. It was filmed within the virtual world of Second Life, edited masterfully by Robbie Dingo, and makes me a little teary.