Love the Sheep (and goats and alpacas and…)

I’ve been struggling a little searching for yarns for the new batch of patterns I’m working on. I’d like to feature all the animals in two yarns (worsted and bulky) per pattern. I’d also like to highlight yarns from ‘independent’ spinners as well as a more commercially available yarns. Can you think of a better reason to try new yarns? This is harder than you would think – especially since I am mindful of the living conditions of the animals (and worms) that produce the fiber I use.

I came across this post this morning and thought to share it. She has a lengthy list of happy farms and spinners at the bottom that is going to be invaluable.

Also, if anybody has a “kind fiber” tip or if you spin or dye fiber and you know where it came from, share away!

3 thoughts on “Love the Sheep (and goats and alpacas and…)

  1. kathy b

    I cant help sweetie. Im just a knitter.
    BUt do you read Birdsongs blog? She is a natural dyer…
    Check her out . She is a wealth of knowledge.

  2. Jen

    I for one would recommend alpaca for any natural colored yarns (alpaca comes in over 16 natural colors). Super soft, hypoallergenic, and in the US we don’t raise them for meat . . . just for their wonderfully soft fiber. Of course, I’m biased since I own some! There are also many farms that spin yarn from their own animals.

  3. Alyssa

    I think there’s huge market now for happy farms – we knitters want to be connected to our craft, and what’s more connected than getting a skein of yarn and knowing the creature that made it? It’s so cool! I buy some yarn from a lady that owns an alpaca farm as a hobby and appears at craft shows and fair in Northern PA – she doesn’t have a website, though! She’s “pretty underground” if you like hipster jokes 😉

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