The Cuteness! It Burns!

Life is too short not to give into temptation.


It seems that I have raised my child to believe the same thing.

She used to want a grey kitty. Now she wants this one and she says he doesn’t need a body or arms and legs. He is perfect just the way he is thank you. They watched Shaun the Sheep together. It wasn’t at all weird.

I love this yarn.

I’m lying. It was totally weird that Ellie watched TV with a disembodied (pre-embodied?) cat head. But the heart wants what it wants.

9 thoughts on “The Cuteness! It Burns!

  1. kathy b

    That is the cutest thing ever and if she loves it like it is, just LET her. You’ll get to tell the story for all her kids someday..
    We thought AL was bizarre when she came downstairs on Christmas mornign and impatietntly opened ALL of her gifts from Santa without us. I was certain she was deranged. Nope, just 5.

  2. Ruth

    That is an adorable kitteh head AND an adorable child! I love that she loved the head enough to not want to wait for the body. 🙂

  3. Cathy-Cate

    That is the most perfect yarn ever for that ginger cat. Now I have trouble seeing any other yarn as anything except a wanna be.

    The charm of the cat has captured your child. It’s only mildly creepy if you let yourself think about it: so don’t. Instead… Ellie watched TV with the Cheshire Cat! There, all better.

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