The Swap of Discontent

Sign-ups are closed for this Swap

“Now is the winter of our discontent”…but we’ve got to make our own bright spot since we don’t have that York fellow to bring the summer. Knitters, I present:

The Swap of Discontent

This swap intended to provide at least one cozy evening indoors.

Swap boxes should include:
– The yarn and pattern for one smallish, comfy knitting project to ward off the cold (scarf, hat, cowl, nose warmer – think one-size-fits-all-outerwear)
– A book or movie
– Something warm (or warming) to eat or drink.

Here’s the catch: At least one thing in the swap box must be Pre-Owned. Yarn from your stash, a book you’ve already read, a pattern that you’re done with (purchased in a physical format or free to distribute – be mindful of copyright, please). Actually, everything in the box can be pre-owned! There’s no reason to spend anything but shipping if you don’t want to. We’ve all got lovely things and patterns and yarns that we may never ever use. Why not let them fulfill their knitting destiny in the hands of a friend?

Swap boxes should be in the mail no later than January 31, 2014.

Michael is going to make the matches for us because I want to be surprised! Let’s make it a secret swap. Because that’s fun – reveal your identity in the box you mail!

To sign up, leave me a comment before the end of the day Friday (January 10, 2014) and I’ll send a short questionnaire to the email address you use for the comment. Mostly I want to know about allergies – nothing worse than a yarn that makes you itch or nut-filled chocolate that you can’t eat. Non-US residents are more than welcome! Michael will make matches this weekend.

To hit the highlights:
*In the box: Yarn and pattern for project, book or movie, warm drink or snack. ONE must be pre-owned, but all can be.
*Comment by the end of the day Friday, January 10.
*Fill out your questionnaire.
*Matches made over the weekend.
*Boxes in the mail by Friday, January 31.

Ready? Set! GO!
Sign-ups are closed for this Swap

33 thoughts on “The Swap of Discontent

  1. Marcia

    I would do most anything to fill your heart with some joy….and your mailbox! I woke up this morning with a burning desire to have that mailbox of yours bursting with goodies. Love and Hugs to you and yours. I’m in !!!

  2. Kerry

    I’m ready! I’m ready! No allergies here and our home is smoke free. We do have 2 dogs and a cat although they aren’t allowed near the knitting goodies. πŸ˜‰

  3. Shawn

    Count me in. Would love to know the swap partner’s Rav. ID, if they have one. (helps to see what their personality is like)

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