Slip Up

With all the cold and the days off from school, and then the nice weather and all the work the yard needs, I’ve not had a lot of knitting worth showing.

OK. Except this doggy custom.


She gives me a big smile.

I’m also on tentacle eight of the octopus example AND almost ready to ship my swap box.

I know some boxes are already packed and on the way. Y’all are making me look bad.

7 thoughts on “Slip Up

  1. kathy b

    Woof and woof. That dog is adorable and so is your custom knit.
    Hahah on those of us who have mailed already…I bet most of us have grown children. Kids come first as does yours!!

  2. Coralee

    Holy Cow— received my swap box today and I swear— in a totally nice way — my swap partner has been lurking in the corners of my home !! I’m totally blown away by the contents of my package. I will attempt to post on Ravelry — working2much — for all to see. LOVE IT ALL 🙂
    Thanks Emily and Mike for putting us together !

  3. Coralee

    Well that goes to show you what I know about Ravelry — not enough.
    I have the desire to get my blog going again this year so what better way to start! Honest, I know how to post pictures there 🙂

  4. colleen

    love the dog!
    am on tentacle 6 AND have received my swap box from my partner! so much fun!
    my box is all together, but I need to finish shoveling out 12+ inches of snow from the drive so I can get to the post office ;(

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