Monthly Archives: June 2014

Fugue State (and yarn suggestion solicitation)

I seem to get into some sort of blog denial/depression/fugue state every so often and just pretend the thing doesn’t exist. (That’s happening right now in case you haven’t noticed.) It seems to be when the seasons turn, circumstances change, a new Zelda game is released or I’m working on something new that is just really making me crazy.

Well it’s summer. Ellie is home from school (and doesn’t nap* anymore although she does have a siesta with reading material after lunch every day). There’s no new Zelda but we did break down and get a Disney Infinity the day school got out (great for Ellie’s age and motor skill level and we can play together – I totally recommend it). And I’m on version FIVE of my current pattern. But I think I’ve got it this time.

However, I am unhappy with the yarn I ordered for the finished pattern. Bah. It’s just a core so I’m worried that it will just fuzz up and I’m not super happy about the color – I may do a swatch to carry in my pocket to see how it wears and then try it in another green. But it’d be good to find something else. Any suggestions for a green, maybe kettle dyed (something with variation without being variegated), chunky yarn? From happy sheep? Or no sheep – but I think wool will work best for this one. I could go with one of my standbys, but I’d like to try something new. Maybe I’ll give Swan’s Island (aran) a try.

I also have one small confession to make about what I think started this fugue. I agreed to be the PTO president for Ellie’s school next year. The planning meeting for next year was much better received than I expected so I am encouraged and excited and hopeful. I hope that this will be a “building year” and I can help create lots of opportunities for involvement. We’ll just see how that goes shall we?

I’ll recommit to the blog sooner or later, it’s a little like dieting that way.

She totally falls asleep at siesta every other day and would absolutely still be napping if it weren’t for all day kindergarten. She and her daddy both LOVE NAPS.