Cat Project

Ellie and I are trying a little embroidery.

First we practiced basic stitches.

pink on pink is the new awesome

pink on pink is the new awesome

Then the transfer pens got here (THESE ARE SO COOL) and we made designs for a bigger project.

We'll probably make them pillows.  Or maybe frame them in hoops since that seems to be the Thing To Do lately.

A day without cats is a day without…a lot of things really.

Disappearing ink pens don’t work for us when we do big projects because the humidity removes the marks them in about half an hour. I mark sewing projects with ball point sometimes. I’ve got my eye out for an iron-away marking pen.

Pro Tip: A stabilizing fabric behind the working fabric is important. I didn’t know this when I did that little house thing over Christmas and it won’t iron out all nice and flat. We’re using the light weight interfacing that I had in my machine sewing stuff.

I’m already thinking about embroidering stuff on my knitting.

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