Our Camporee was this weekend. It was basically so fantastic that my feet hurt.

This is my child after she fell out of her kayak. She did not panic, she just climbed back in and kept going. I watched it happen from a canoe with a Daisy from another Troop. We also did not panic because I knew she was a Girl Scout and could handle it.

She wants a kayak on her own. It must be pink.

I can have a green one and Michael gets a blue one.

4 thoughts on “Camporee

  1. kathy b

    This is a fantastic post. Teaching a child not to panic will serve her well her entire life. My poor mom was a wreck and panic was her middle name. Hard to overcome that when its so engrained i n you. GOOD FOR YOU

  2. Ruth

    Kayaks are great fun! Mine is agitating for one of her own following a visit to a beach (no waves) where she tried standing paddling – no colour has been specified here though.

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