Doing Better

I really should be putting things away. Instead, I’m migrating to a new book (aka planner). It’s amazing how puffy these things get. The one on the top is everything since January. The one on the bottom is new in its plastic wrap.

Old on top, new on the bottom.

Lady Bird is doing much better.

In the den.

She’s mostly eating and takes a new heart medication twice a day. She’s going back to the vet this afternoon to make sure it’s working. Our new vet is getting to know us very quickly.

One of these days I’ll be picked up enough to show some of the house. But not today.

3 thoughts on “Doing Better

  1. eidolons

    So glad to hear that Lady Bird is doing well!

    I have a composition notebook (we bought an entire box of them from Target at a post school supply rush sale for something like $0.05 each about five years ago and still haven’t used them all) that I use to plan homeschool lessons, write patterns, and recently work on Japanese. It’s starting to look a bit like your top planner. (:

  2. Colleen

    I love a good planner, with papers and stickers and tabs sticking out

    So glad Ladybird is feeling better. Way to break in the new vet!

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