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Next Step

OK. So the next step is to be this motivated in the down ballot races so we never get another Roy Moore. R or D, we need to fill our seats with candidates that favor of basic human decency.

PS Thank you to everyone who made me a part of the 2% write-in vote. Maybe I’ll run for city council in a year or two when Ellie is out of elementary school.

Official Announcement

This is the official announcement of my write-in campaign for Alabama’s Senate Seat.

Write me in! I got 8 votes against Jo Bonner one of those times he was running unopposed.

Y’all, I got an A in civics, memorized the Bill of Rights in 6th grade, have a general understanding of the Constitution, and can pass a criminal background check. So I’m already way more qualified than Roy Moore and much more interested in funding education.

I’m also registered as an Independent*. So no worries about that pesky ‘D’ by my name, I haven’t got one!

On December 12, Choose Kindness. Write in Emily Ivey for Senate.

*I’ve been thinking about it and it’s possible I’m just not registered with either state-recognised party. I registered to vote in Alabama when we moved here 15ish years ago and that’s a long time to remember if you got to check the box you wanted. Either way, I don’t have a ‘D’ so no worries.

I’m Emily Ivey and I approved this message.

The House

It’s coming along. The worst (as far as taking off the exterior and putting it back on) appears to be over.

$3.50 of insulation was lost while the side of the attic was missing.

This wall was the worst – almost the whole thing is new. AND it was packed full of bird nest debris! Why pay for traditional insulation when the critters stuff the walls full of grass for you?

Two tone. Moving from grey to blue!

Also they let me ride in the lift. And we rescued bats before they pulled the crumbling chimney down. The other chimneys are getting copper chimney caps – so pretty in the sunshine.

I’m up so high!

I probably should have set my goal at a post once a month. Goals are just that. Sometimes we achieve them, sometimes we don’t. The point is to try.

Election Day: Vote for the Helpers

Our special election isn’t until December 12, but I know there are a lot of people who do have the opportunity to go to the polls today. If you have that chance, please go.

Figure out the kind candidates. Notice the thoughtful candidates. Identify the candidates who will pick people over party. Look for the helpers.

Voting is your chance to make the world a better place.

Voting is your chance to “do something.”

Show up and vote every chance you get.


Our Museum has a Hooked Rug exhibition up right now and offered a rug hooking class taught by Anne Norvell to go with it.

Ellie and I were completely on board with that. The class was to make a little pumpkin rug – just big enough to get the feel for what might be a new hobby.

Getting Started.

She kept wanting to swap work with me since she preferred to fill in an area than make the outlines. She filled in all my pumpkin bits after I made the lines, and I made the pumpkin lines on her piece.

I worked some more on mine yesterday afternoon.

It’s another one of those meditative arts where you can find your zen. Gran-mother and Great Gran both hooked rugs at some point – I can only think of one that is still around. I’d like to make a rug-sized rug myself, but when I consider that my other massive project, the CounterPain, has been stalled since first grade…

I should probably finish that before I start another massive project. Probably.

Spooky Laugh

Don’t tell anyone but these were taken on November 1 – it was too dark last night.

Pardon our dust.

Ellie is Professor Minerva McGonagall and Beatrice is some kind of demon. The caution tape and extension cords are not just decoration, they’ve been working on the house for a couple weeks now!

Progress is messy. And noisy.