March 25th, 2014

Remember back when we talked about a Four Seasons Swap? Y’all. It’s Spring! Technically, down here it’s still winter if you stand in the shade, but I’m going to overlook it because it’s swap time.


Clean Spring Swap

*Boxes should include: Yarn for a dishcloth, knitting pattern for a dishcloth, a little something that’s good for cleaning (sample detergent, soap, hand lotion for after, you get the idea) and a small wind chime or similar springy item that makes you happy. Because I like wind chimes even though they don’t match my clean theme.
*Stash yarn and patterns are great (be careful of copyright on downloaded patterns). Unless you keep a treasure trove of goodies, you may have to spend a little on this swap. But not much if you don’t want since the Dollar Stores are jam-packed with silly little spring feel-goods!
*To sign up, leave me a comment with an email address where you can be reached by Friday night. I’ll send a brief questionnaire to collect mailing addresses and the like and make matches over the weekend.
*Ideally, swap packages should be in the mail by April 1. A week turn-around should keep anybody from overthinking it. This is an impulse swap!

I think that’s it! No more waiting! The leave-a-comment link is right




March 10th, 2014

You know how sometimes you just don’t have time to do a thing, but you decide to do it anyway? Fuzzy Mitten (Barbara Prime) is doing a little Mystery Toy knit-a-long. She’s releasing just a bit of a new toy pattern each week – so far we’ve made a little cardigan.


I’m leaning toward the yellow buttons.

I went for sleeveless since spring is basically here but the pattern has two other sleeve possibilities if you’re still chilly. It’s not too late to catch up if you want to play along! The pattern is available on Ravelry. She sends an update with a new piece each week.

I can’t wait to see what I’m making!

March 4th, 2014

If you live down thisaway, you get a couple days off school for Mardi Gras. It’s for practical reasons: all the parades make going anywhere except a parade logistically challenging.

So we go to parades.


Order of Mystic Magnolias down in Fairhope last night.

Mobile had Mardi Gras for a hundred years before New Orleans even heard of it. The first parade in New Orleans was hosted by a krewe from Mobile. Just putting that out there.

February 24th, 2014

Ellie’s Birthday happened For Reals with cupcakes at school. It also happened with all of her grandparents the weekend before and AGAIN at Build-a-Bear on Saturday. The Build-a-Bear party was really nice – engaging, sweet and the Party Bears (folks who work there) throw a great party. Even better than I expected.


That bear’s name is Rosie. She’s getting dressed.

So it’s back to normal.* I’m working on Easter orders and trying to get a couple toys (cats and elephants) back in the shop. I’m also working on a little surprise for y’all!

Has anybody played LittleBigPlanet 1 or 2? Ellie and I started a game in 2, but the levels in the game progressed beyond her gaming experience pretty quickly. Game play is a good fit for us because if she can’t make it, she can just wait for me to get to the next way point and reappear…but for many of the levels (with the grapple especially), she’s waiting for me a lot. I hope that some of the user-created content will more suit her style (which revolves around sticker placement, jumping and dressing our characters like cats).

*famous last words

February 17th, 2014

Birthday Preparations are underway.


Cupcakes for school!

They have belly buttons because I decided to make mini cupcakes out of the rest of the batter instead of eating it and opened the oven halfway through baking. Frosting will cover that right up.

February 6th, 2014

The sun came out yesterday afternoon! It was a crazy time. Even with all the help I got from my good friends, I did get the tentacle connection pictures finished.


Y’all. I’m trying to work.

Now I just have to beat the test knitters to the next stage of octopus construction that needs visual aids. And hope for nice weather.

I think that’s called a ‘long shot’.

February 4th, 2014

I’m way past ready to finish up the Octopus pattern for my test knitters. If only the sun would come out so I can take a decent picture of all these legs getting put together.

I’m working on an Elephant in the meantime and I though I was going to run out of yarn but I knit real fast and didn’t.


I finished a rooster.

Every time I knit a chicken, I think about how I could really improve that pattern. It was my very first complicated toy pattern and I do so many things differently now. Maybe I’ll spruce it up one of these days.

Also, I am contemplating a Four Seasons Swap series. We are finishing up winter…so I’m thinking of spring ideas. Is this intriguing for anyone?

We’ll have a a little bit of a swap round-up towards the end of the week. A couple boxes experienced weather delays so I want to give them a little time to catch up to their recipients. I really want to hear about what book/movie folks sent! Security is a nice long ‘To Read’ list. Don’t tell me yet – wait for the round up!