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The sheep I’ve been working on since around book fair time is close to finished. He’s only missing a head and ears. Oh, and a tail.


Disassembled toys can be confusing to look at. Or maybe just disturbing.

I used Henry’s Attic Pigtail for his wooly bits. While I like the effect, I’ll need a great deal of incentive to work with chenille for a toy again. Pigtail listed as an Aran weight yarn, but that’s got to be a mistake.


It only shed when I wound it up.

This stuff is thick with plush – the sheep’s body has ended up enormous and actually ran out of yarn and ended up needing to order more for his head. I should have been able to make two sheep out of 194 yards! Even with that frustration, Pigtail still wins the award for Best in Chenille. The woven core (instead a central ply) means absolutely no worming*! The finished fabric is dense and heavy but not stiff. And it’s very very plushy. Working with it is still hard on the wrists, but might not be so bad on a much larger needle as a throw or something.

When this sheep is finished, I’ve got another Ginger Cat to make. Then maybe I can get back to the pattern I abandoned months ago…or maybe not. Maybe I’ll start something new.

Speaking of cats.


Big Grey Kitty

I never told you that we figured out where Big Grey Kitty is! Someone from the subdivision back of us came over a couple weeks ago looking for her neighbor’s dog. We hadn’t seen him, but I told her that if she came across a fat, grey cat with a bad eye and a flea allergy to please let us know. She knew exactly where that cat was – Big Grey Kitty shows up on her porch for supper every night. I sent Big Grey Kitty’s Other Mother home with flea stuff. Big Grey Kitty is due for shots this month so I’ve got to go over and see if we can round her up.

*Worming – think about a disposable straw in it’s paper wrapper. Now think about how the paper scrunches up into a wad as it slides down the straw. Like when you wrinkle straw straw paper on purpose if you were going to do that thing where you get the scrunched up paper wet and watch it expand into a wet wormy mess on the table? Here’s a helpful Youtube video if you have no idea what I’m talking about. That’s what many chenille yarns do when you knit with them: the fuzzy outside scrunches up as it slides down the ply in the center so you end up with a skinny bit where you’re working and a fat mess of fuzz at the other end of the yarn.

Cat Mat

Like my new doormats?


It was time for a change.

It’s impossible not to smile out the way out the door!

Washington (I’m sure he’ll get a new name) is over at a good friend’s house auditioning for the role of Family Cat. He is the most laid back cat I have ever met and was doing splendidly when we left him yesterday. They’ve got two little girls who were over the moon that a kitty was coming.

As soon as we got home from dropping Washington off, we heard an itty bitty kitty on the back porch*. He ran off into the woods and we can’t get near him. I’ve never seen a kitten move so fast, usually I can just bend down and pick them up. I’ve ordered a teensy trap so that we’ll be prepared for next time (chasing kittens through the woods is a terrible idea for everyone involved) and we’ll call the shelter when they open to see if they’ve got one we can borrow in the meantime.

I’m trying to convince the humans in the house that we need to watch a movie today so I can work on this sheep.

I think this must be what people mean when they say, “Never a dull moment.”

*Michael: “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Giving Me Lip

Ellie is out in the office visiting Washington with her mini. She keeps texting me videos.

Washington was up in a tree by the mailbox Saturday before last. I talked him into coming down but he ran away before I could pick him up. Two days later, he was in another tree out in the woods and refused to come down. The day after that, I found him way way up high in a live oak and got him to come down to where Michael could reach him with a ladder. Washington is out in the office with Michael and refuses to leave the indoors. He must have been someone’s best pet: he is extra affectionate, neutered (no chip), well-behaved and super soft. He’s going to need a home if we can’t locate his people. We already checked with the shelter, animal control and all the vets but no one is looking.

Related: if you come across a fat grey cat with a bad eye and a flea allergy, please send her home. Big Grey Kitty went walkabout (as Out Meows sometimes do) about a week ago and we really miss her.