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Change Can Be Good

In her own words…

All about getting glasses in her Main Lesson Book.

All about getting glasses in her Main Lesson Book. Uphill.

I think kid cursive looks like that super curly ribbon used on packages. I had to get glasses too but mine are taking longer because BIFOCALS. I am ancient. Hah!

I’m working on a hat for a friend’s Mother-in-law who’s having chemo. We picked Little Flower Hat for the pattern. I’ve learned a new cast on and everything!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Lesson 2

I felt a little more cramped for time this week. We had hair cuts one morning and a new friend over during our usual school time one afternoon. Both events were totally worth it but effectively knocked out an entire day of school. We ended up doing a chunk of Language Arts work Sunday morning. My first reaction was I AM A TIME MANAGEMENT FAILURE, but it’s really fine. It’s only Week 2 – we’re still adapting to the idea that school doesn’t have to happen on a weekday.

If it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m really not. There’s a lot to do! And we get Involved! And we’re new at this! And Ellie talks a lot*. We’re still trying to sort where some of the daily things fit into our rhythm. For instance, knitting a couple rows now happens during bedtime reading (she started her scarf).

So this week: knitting, form drawings for math (harder than you’d think), more about China,

finished up her mask (meant to be part of our China study but came out a kitty anyway),

she finished up her mask (meant to be part of our China study but it came out a kitty anyway),

body systems for health, science was ants (really, science was learning to make extended observations and take notes),

the weather was perfect, our mornings are getting cooler,

the weather was perfect, our mornings are getting cooler,

more work in the Main Lesson Books as expected,

that's the science entry about ant survival techniques (her foot with an ant biting it is over to your left),

that’s the science entry about ant survival techniques (her foot with an ant biting it is on your left),

and language arts was more sentence structure, composition and comprehensive attention to detail along with a review of blended consonants and vowels sounds.

Another full but well-balanced week. Weirdly, there aren’t as many pictures. I didn’t get as much knitting done (although I finished the little Rooster and the Mermaid) because the first Girl Scout meetings are looming ahead and I thought it would be smart if I did a little planning…

*Ellie chatters constantly from when she gets up in the morning to when she goes to sleep at night. Unless she’s reading to herself. When she’s reading to herself, I may as well not exist. I have a little bit of we-should-have-done-this-sooner angst every time I think about her in a classroom being good, still, and silent. And not asking any of her questions. And keeping all of her thoughts inside. And not having a hug every time she finishes writing a sentence because apparently that is also vital to her learning process.

Studying China

Rounding out our study of China with Egg Drop Soup and Honey Ficken (‘ficken’ = fake chicken).

It's educational.

It’s educational.

Ellie helped cook.

I promise that I’m working on that second mermaid arm. And a Rooster.

Weekly Wrap-Up: Lesson 1

Best. Week. Ever.

We explored the five senses, talked about territory, started piano lessons,

had cats in the classroom

had cats in the classroom,

played a bunch of games, studied China,

started a mask (expect a tutorial)

started a mask (expect a tutorial),

reviewed word families, sang songs, knit, recited verses,

played word games - the whiteboard was an excellent decision by the way

played word games – the whiteboard was an excellent decision by the way,

read books, composed sentences, had a friend over after school, went to Play Group at the park on Friday, and

worked in the Main Lesson Books

worked in two of the Main Lesson Books.

That’s not even everything. In case anybody is sitting around wondering if Oak Meadow’s curriculum actually has enough to keep the student busy: we could have easily made all of the activities in Lesson 1 last for a week and a half. I sorted out our weekly schedule for Lesson 2 and I feel like the same thing is true. Ellie and I do tend to get really involved in most everything we do, but I have a hard time imagining anyone just blowing through these activities, stories and projects.

In spite of our longer-than-anticipated school days last week, I managed to make all of the Mermaid but one arm and her hair, kept up with the house, fixed all the meals but two*, and read to myself for fun. Oh wait. All the meals but three. I forgot about the donuts on Monday morning. I will also say (lest you think that there is too much Donna Reed over here) that I wrecked one dinner with my illiteracy and had to make Emergency Substitute Dinner from the freezer. I like to cook, but I am not always good at it.

MY POINT IS: It was a full week but not hectic or rushed. It was a full week with a relaxed pace.

I’ve got to start planning for Girl Scouts this week, so we’ll see if I feel as relaxed at the end of Lesson 2.

*That sounds super domestic and like a weird thing to be proud of. If you need to judge me for it go right ahead. When you’re finished, please cross your fingers that Devoni’s Pizzeria reopens in September like the sign says they will…

Kitty Knitting

Just a sneak peek at what went on the first week of school:



The little kitty pattern can be found at The Magic Onions. When I saw that post, I knew the scarf would just have to wait a week. Our only modifications were to seam flat across the top of his head (to make ears with the corners) and i-cord on 3 stitches for the tail. Ellie insisted that her cat have eyes.

Also: I totally framed her first knitting.

So fancy.

So fancy.