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Full Day

School may be out but this is another entirely too busy week.


Story time at the library! The Children’s Librarian is out of town and asked if Ellie and I would host while she was gone. Ellie read the last book and planned a craft for the kids.

Have you heard the story of the Baby Blue Cat?

“Have you heard the story of the Baby Blue Cat and the Smiley Worm Doll”?

It was also our last Girl Scout meeting of the year! Which means that our 3rd Grade Brownies ‘flew up’ to become Girl Scout Juniors and the 2nd grade Daisies bridged to be Girl Scout Brownies. There were ice cream sundaes.

They are getting ready to sing the squirrel song.

They are getting ready to sing the squirrel song for all the families.

I’m worn out. And it’s not even Wednesday.

Welcome to Summer Vacation

Oak Meadow Grade 2 is a wrap. We had 172 school days and nine billion happy memories.

The first event of summer? Brownie Hiking Badge!

She made GORP,

It's her own recipe.

It’s her own recipe.

researched hiking gear (visit to the Bass Pro camping and hiking section), practiced her observation skills (counted bugs), picked a route, and kept track on the map.

Matching actual location to map location.

Matching actual location to map location.

Between camps and badges (and finishing this Mermaid pattern arrrrggghhhh), there’s plenty to keep us busy all summer.

Girl Scout Camp

Ellie is off at Girl Scout Camp this week with her BFF. Just for the days – neither one of us is ready for overnight camp. It’s good to have something to look forward to anyway.


On the front porch of the Dining Hall.


Tuesday was Twin Day.

Up until Wednesday they had a great time. Wednesday: “Boy Scouts came and all they did was talk all day it was super boring.” I said to be sure to put it in her evaluation. (They didn’t just talk all day, there was a ‘nature walk’ with disposable cameras to record stuff.)

These long long days with both hands free has finally given me the time to finish the sheep.


Just need to decide on the ear color.

I’ve never run out of yarn on a project like this before. It makes me feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. I understand running out of chenille (it knits so much bigger than the listed gauge) but I should not be out of that dark grey. If my customer wants dark ears, I have to order more. The last scrap is in that too small example left ear.

I also mopped the whole house.

It’s been an eventful week.