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A couple people asked to see Ellie’s felt tea bags.

tea bags

Sewn up on the machine with ribbon strings and pinked edges.

backlit tea bag

I put dark brown in the middle so it looks like there is tea inside.

I went ahead and took a few more pictures of my favorites while I had the camera out – a lot of her Teeth Prizes have been play food.


I didn’t “make” these, just painted them. Ellie loves to count them.


Sandwich fixins. The sack in the back has potato chips.


One of the first things I tried.


I’m proud of the tortillas – I put aluminum foil inside to keep them folded!

Now I’m kind of hungry.

Handmade Holiday

In December (as you know), knitting takes a back seat to lots and lots and lots of other craftiness.

Ellie, Betty and I made wrapping paper while wearing pajamas (we were getting over our second wretched cold).


The vacuum in the background represents my good intentions.

We also made our Annual Limited Edition Christmas Ornaments.


Mamie was a big help.

When Ellie wasn’t looking, I made a family for the dollhouse she is getting for Christmas.


Daddy, Mommy, Ellie and six cats.*

And, while it sometimes takes a back seat, there is always always knitting.


A rooster for the shop and one for a customer.

Speaking of the shop, I did 90% of our Christmas shopping through Etsy this year. Ivey Christmas 2009 has been sponsored by my own shop and my brilliant customers. Because of this, I have developed a certain compulsion to stimulate individual economies. Each handmade Christmas present is not only a unique gift, but it has put a little more jingle in someone else’s pocket and a little more happy in their New Year.

For that, I am awarding myself 10 Do-Gooder Bonus Points.
Current Standings:
Christmas – 15, Emily – 15, Cats – 2 (for helping)

*Ted went to his Forever Home the week after Thanksgiving. His new family is a retired couple who is happy to make him the Center of Attention. Which is the only thing Ted ever wanted.