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Getting Out Christmas

I woke up in the middle of last night and panicked because I needed another cat stocking (Washington moved inside). I didn’t know the whereabouts of all my notes from when I made the first six!

When I woke up this morning, I remembered that I had gone through all this trauma the last time I needed another stocking: I reverse engineered the stockings, typed it all up neatly, and put it in TWO PLACES on the internet so I could never lose it again:

Stuffed on Ravelry

eta: haha I actually said the part about never losing them again in the Ravelry description

Getting Ready for a Closeup

I have no idea what piece I'm getting ready.

I have no idea what piece I’m getting ready for a picture.

The Mermaid still needs hair. I was going to use what I had but all the browns were really boring with the rest of her colors. So I ordered orange.


Grade Three starts next week.

Slip Up

With all the cold and the days off from school, and then the nice weather and all the work the yard needs, I’ve not had a lot of knitting worth showing.

OK. Except this doggy custom.


She gives me a big smile.

I’m also on tentacle eight of the octopus example AND almost ready to ship my swap box.

I know some boxes are already packed and on the way. Y’all are making me look bad.