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Years in the Making

Haha look how far that one heel sticks out – it’ll be better after washing.

When we were packing up, I came across a couple different project bags with half-finished projects inside. Years-Ago-Me was super thoughtful and left pattern notes with the unfinished projects so Future-Me would be able to finish. Which probably has some deep, personal lesson about hope or organization or forward thinking or something.

Anyway, I finished these these for Michael yesterday. I think this yarn was part of a swap with a knitter in Germany. It’s worsted, washable wool, and I used my super tragic Worsted Weight Basic Socks pattern with a broken rib for the leg and instep. I wrote that pattern so long ago (decades) that I’ve lost the original and have no way to edit it to fix the mistakes. If you decide to use it: the gauge is wrong, the heel turn is wrong, but everything else is fiiiiiiiine!

Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen

I’m on vacation until after Christmas so I started a sock.

sock ingredients

Ingredients: yarn, pattern, needles

I haven’t knit socks in 4.5 years.

These are for Michael, so I’m using Socks That Rock mediumweight in Monsoon from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club about a million years ago. If you use 56 stitches and US2s you’ll get vertical stripes, but 60 stitches and US2s makes a lovely spiral of color. That does mean that I have to modify the Simple Skyp Socks stitch pattern by two stitches and hope that the ‘heels by number’ site still exists (it DOES). But still.

I’m knitting socks.