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Kitty Knitting

Just a sneak peek at what went on the first week of school:



The little kitty pattern can be found at The Magic Onions. When I saw that post, I knew the scarf would just have to wait a week. Our only modifications were to seam flat across the top of his head (to make ears with the corners) and i-cord on 3 stitches for the tail. Ellie insisted that her cat have eyes.

Also: I totally framed her first knitting.

So fancy.

So fancy.

Anybody’s Guess

You know how sometimes you just don’t have time to do a thing, but you decide to do it anyway? Fuzzy Mitten (Barbara Prime) is doing a little Mystery Toy knit-a-long. She’s releasing just a bit of a new toy pattern each week – so far we’ve made a little cardigan.


I’m leaning toward the yellow buttons.

I went for sleeveless since spring is basically here but the pattern has two other sleeve possibilities if you’re still chilly. It’s not too late to catch up if you want to play along! The pattern is available on Ravelry. She sends an update with a new piece each week.

I can’t wait to see what I’m making!

You’re the One

lucky ducky

Rubber Duckie for a fun customer.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win your own Yarn Miracle Itty Bitty Exclusive! There is still time to enter and win (and by enter, I mean leave a comment) an Itty Bitty Bunny in cashmere on the Natural Kids Blog.

He’s not a toy, he’s a pocket companion. Or a cubical watchdog. Or a belated Valentine (contest closes on Saturday). Go here and leave a comment and I’ll show you some knitting that isn’t a toy. I’ve got some around here somewhere.

Saturday Giveaway: ME ME ME

Every Saturday, the Natural Kids Team (it’s an Etsy thing) gives away something created by a team member. Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Yarn Miracle.

love bunny!

Cupcake wrapper not included. Unless you really want it.

An Itty Bitty Cashmere Bunny! He’s tiny. He’s sweet. He’ll be just in time for Valentine’s Day if you live in the US. Hurry over there and leave your comments for a chance to win – entries will be accepted all week!


itty bitty turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ellie and I have fevers and stuffy noses. So it’s Turk’y Burgers and no travel for us. And mashed potatoes if I feel like it (baked potatoes if I don’t).

Have a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate and a happy Thursday if you don’t!

Knitting Halloween

black cat adn pumpkin

The cat was a special request. The cat was lonely, thus the pumpkin.

The little jack-o-lantern isn’t made from this pattern. But it was a direct inspiration (I didn’t want to get up and disturb the cat just to get the laptop so it’s really a ‘recreation’). Want to make your own pumpkins? Click one more time to get to Natural Suburbia. While you’re there, take a look at her little garter stitch bats. And when Halloween is over, there are ladybugs and flowers to keep you occupied.




hooty hoot hoo

He’s giving lots of thought to nesting in your eves.

You are probably asking yourself, “Which part of that picture is in focus?” The answer is: I can’t tell either.

I’ll take another one tomorrow.

If I’m not feeling too lazy.