Photo Finish

In the original rules I stated that in the event of two boxes arriving on the same day, the first one into the mail box would be considered the first box to finish. Imagine my shock when not two but THREE boxes appeared in the mail box yesterday! It really was a nail-biting photo finish (which was followed by a Big Thunderstorm hence the not blogging until today)!

The last into the mail box and the first out…

In fourth place:


Team Lucky 13!

Take a look a the goodness inside!


Those aren’t stitch markers, they are earrings! How’s that for a cute idea?

Lesley, thank you so much! As an added bonus (as if this wasn’t enough), there is also a collection of cards from the Lucky 13 team members! What a fun idea – and such a treat for me. The purple dish rag is a gift from Ally B. Many thanks to you all!

It kills me that 4th place doesn’t have a prize associated with it – especially since it is such a narrow margin of victory. I will be sending each of you a Certificate of Completion (with shiny foil stars and the official signature of the Dish Rag Tag Commissioner) for you to add to your Wall of Achievement (I know you have one). And of course, should any of the other teams be unable to fulfill their obligations of Dish Rag Tag Glory…

The middle box, our Third Place Finishers in Dish Rag Tag are:


Team Rag Racin’

And inside we have:


I love the hand cream – that is so cool!

My picture doesn’t show it very well (all the content pictures were taken in between rain showers that make poor lighting conditions), but the dish rag from De says “LOVE” with a heart for the “O.” I’ve never tried motif knitting myself – I need only to think about the Cross Stitch Disasters of my youth to convince myself that I need to leave that kind of thing to the more patient, careful and discriminating knitters. Thank you so much, De!

Congratulations, Rag Racin’ on an impressive Third Place Finish!

And now…

The first box into the mailbox and the last one out…

The Second Place Finishers in Dish Rag Tag (and winners of “Most Abused Tag Box Thus Far”):


Team XDR!

The crowd goes wild! I opened it from the bottom since the top was Well and Truly Taped and discovered a pile of goodies:


Yay! I am going to develop some kind of blood sugar disorder from all this candy!

Wendy has outdone herself with all kinds of fun again! Smooshy sock yarn that I have heard so much about (in lieu of dish rag cotton, which she pointed out I would be receiving a copious amount of in the very near future) and Lantern Moon needles to knit it with! I’ve never had hand made needles before, they are entirely too pretty to knit with. I am thinking of having them framed. Thank you so much, Wendy!

A big “Congratulations!” to Team XDR on their harrowing photo finish! Barring Catastrophic Printer Failure, prizes for the top three teams should get into the mail tomorrow.

PS I forgot to mention my favorite thing about all of the boxes that have arrived back to far: the READ ME card is still inside and is none the worst of wear. That makes me grin every time.
PSS It is taking forever to get all my pictures uploaded today! This entry was written ages before it got posted because of this frustration! ARGH WHY WON’T THEY GO? OK all done. Now I am going to the mail box to see if any boxes are here today!
PSSS William Henry is on my table rubbing his chin on the Dish Rag Tag boxes. All the treats belong to William Henry.

21 thoughts on “Photo Finish

  1. Marcia Louise

    Yeh! Congratulations to all teams that won and made it in one piece. Tears came to my eyes today as I put the label on our Cotton Commadoes box to send to Emily. It is on its way.

  2. nichole

    Congrats to the 2nd & 3rd place teams! I just can’t believe that after all that, the USPS bit Lucky 13 in the behind once again… ugh.

  3. Carrie

    Wow! You must have a huge mailbox!
    I’m very proud of my team, the Rapid Rag Relayers for doing such a great job with the dish rag tag. I bet our box made it to you today. We were in the lead for most of the race, the USPS was just a little too slow on some legs.
    Congratulations to all the winning teams.

  4. Laurie

    Great job of organization and leadership, Emily. This has been such a fun experience. I hope you’ll continue to post the boxes and their contents as they come in. It’s so fun to see what everyone put in.

  5. emily Post author

    Absolutely! After this post, I will do a complete list of “who finished when” with every box that arrives (so you don’t have to check back entries to see). I’ll keep sending team messages as the boxes arrive as well, so that everyone will know that their box has reached it’s final destination.

  6. Grace

    I want your mailman’s name, I need to have a talk with him or her Congratulations to winners 2 and 3 We at 4th place salute you!!!!

    There but for Emily’s Mailman goes Lucky 13!!!

  7. Donna B.

    Hooray for the luck of the draw! And condolences to Lucky 13 who through no fault of their own finished out of the prizes. But mostly three cheers for Emily! from all of us at Team XDR (proud owners of the DRT silver medal)!

  8. lesley

    NOOOOO!!!!! 4th!!! Damn it!!! Not Fair!!! I’m mad at the Alabama USPs now!!! LOL
    Oh well at least it got there and you liked the hand made earrings by yours truely! 😉
    I hope you liked the Rock and roll Collage tin too!

  9. Anita

    I agree, you must have an exceptionally large mailbox, Emily! And a big congratulations to the 2nd & 3rd place winners. It feels like we should take up a collection for the narrowly place 4th team. What determination to be so neck-in-neck. I’m sending a big High-Five to everyone!

  10. flutter

    congrats to all the teams that placed..and to emily…i LOVE that you are posting so many photos along the way of what is happening. you’ve made it such a fun swap. and to your hubby for the great forums. now would you tap the postman on the shoulder and ask where OUR box is? it was looking pretty tired a while ago. hope it didn’t disintegrate along the way. 😉

  11. AllyB

    Although I’m super sad that we got 4th place 🙁 I am oh, so happy that Team XDR took 2nd. My daughter Rena, hey Rena!, is on that team and I couldn’t be happier that she is a part of a winning team! Thanks so much Emily for a great time!

  12. Katie

    Hey Emily, it’s been fun reading about DRT! I have missed your posting. Hope things settle down for you soon. How are those sweaters coming along?

  13. Camilla

    Tasting the bitterness of defeat is heartbreaking, especially when the Rapid Rag Relayers totally *rocked* the dish rag tag for most of the race. I guess postal workers everywhere have burning ears, and I shall sit back and humbly eat crow, so sure was I that we would win this event. Congrats to all who placed, especially those winners of the hand painted ‘Peace Fleece’ needles. I am green with envy! Off to have a Xanax now, as it curbs my urge to pout… Camilla

  14. kathy b

    Oh so fun . This was one of the best contests a blogger could get in on. Thank You for all the wonderful organizing. Nothing but fun. It was nothing but fun.

  15. Wen

    I’m knitting some socks with the Smooshy yarn right now and it is a dream. And that skein totally told me it wanted to go live with you (apparently it has a crush on William Henry)…

    Yay Team XDR and many thanks to the usps and the Yarn Miracle Household for making this so much fun!

  16. Val

    Wahooooey! 2nd place I would never have thought I would be so lucky. Yeah for all dish rag teams no one is ever a loser, think of all those that didn’t get to participate but we all did so we definitely are so very lucky for the chance to participate. Thanks so much Emily you are amazing for putting this together. Oh lucky 13, my mom’s(ally b) team so close I wish you all could have a prize too. 🙂 This was so much fun I hope I can play again on the next go round providing that there will be a next go round.

  17. Jill

    I too am hoping for another go around. This was so much fun. I liked following the little graph thingies to see how everyone was doing. More tag more tag more tag, please!!!

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