8 thoughts on “MeYOW

  1. sheila

    Hi Emily! They have the same expression! Don’t blink your eyes….she’ll be in high school before you know it!


  2. P-la

    One of your test knitters for this pattern is one of my knitgirls, when I saw she had the pattern I started drooling!! I want to make this one for myself! Have put the pattern on my “to buy” for August!

  3. eidolons

    Our cat is still getting lots of love at our house. I love the striped cat in your shop – so sweet! (:

    (I’ll finish that teeny cat eventually. The lace weight yarn was giving me headaches.)

  4. kathy b

    they are amazing. Great COLOR to the image….sort of shaded…..
    Of course I love the kitty. Does he need a foster??? ha ha !

  5. Coralee

    I agree with KERaven on the cuteness contest! Bought the pattern last night, thinking Christmas for my great niece Alivia she’ll be 6 mths old by then. Thrilled with the instructions, you’re amazing Emily, I think I can do it!
    17 more days til DRT sign up day…..it’s on my calendar. Looking forward to the circular design, it will be a nice change.

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