Monthly Archives: April 2013


Ellie has had an unhappy tummy for the past couple days. She has been eating a lot of crackers.


A LOT of crackers.

Everything is covered in cracker crumbs.


And everybody.

Hydrangea Hippo


I forgot that I was naming all the modern-style toys after flowers, so I went with ‘Hydrangea’ for the hippo. Now I’m working on a classic dog, an elephant and I’ve got a bear in a really luscious merino/alpaca in my To Go bag. After that, I need to do a classic monkey and a Roger cat and then I’ll feel re-stocked enough to work on something new!


Michael needs a new pair of glasses. A box of five sample frames from Warby Parker arrived in the mail yesterday. These are Ellie’s favorites.


They match her Build-a-Bear glasses

Oh, the beard. He couldn’t decide if he was doing Movember, and then liked his beard and left it. Ellie LOVES it. And I love it when Ellie draws his picture: he’s got a squiggly on his head for his ‘curlers’ and a squiggly on his chin for his beard.

We’ll just see how long this post-more-with-more-pictures-and-less-words thing lasts.

Poppyseed Cat


Poppyseed Cat

It’s getting harder and harder to come up with flavor names for all the different grays. While I’m waiting on my Ravenwood Kid (arriving sometime this summer), I’m trying to knit up the other cashmere I have. Poppyseed is made from Jade Sapphire in the aran weight.