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Happy Easter!

egg hunting

Did all of your eggs end up in one basket?

I had a blackberry hunt after all the eggs had been found.

blackberry mania

Those are all off of the bush growing in Great Gran’s rose.

There is a cobbler in the very near future.

EggHeads: An Easter Treat

If you get your eggs from a farm or buy organic, cage-free or free-range eggs at the grocery store, chances are your eggs are brown. This is great for the chickens, but not great for dyeing eggs bright colors. It’s cool. I’ve got your Easter eggs covered.

hats to keep your eggs snuggy

Covered with hats! These are the yokes, folks.
(Sorry. I haven’t had much sleep.)

The pattern is available to download on Ravelry for the low low price of free. It’s also available on my free patterns page right at the top for convenience.

Each hat takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and uses a tiny bit of sport weight yarn. The pink one with the folded brim and pompom only weighs four grams. In addition, this may be the easiest pattern I’ve ever written and there are endless variations.

Happy Easter! Happy spring! If you make an EggHead, I’d love to see it.


baby basket

Happy Easter!

mouth full

I hope your day was full


of blessings.

The Easter Bunny hides eggs in our yard, but he refuses to come inside (I’m looking at you, William Henry). We go to Great Gran’s to get Ellie’s basket. I’m telling you this lest you think that the beautiful room in the background belongs to me.