Free Patterns


Ho! Ho! Ho!

Santa hat for stuffed friends.



Rabbit Ears for the non-bunny.



A Christmas stocking for critters.


Parson Brown

A snowman.

Oh! Christmas Tree!

A tiny tree ornament ready for embellishment.

Wow Meow

Cat ears for costumes and every day wear.


Tiny hats for Easter Eggs! Or any kind of eggs.

Spider Beside Her

A creepy crawly Halloween Treat!

Honey (A Free Bee)

A hive play set full of bees!

Carrot: it’s Good for You

A toy carrot! Why do all the toy descriptions have exclamation points?


This is my favorite afghan to knit.

Happy Birthday Throw

Knit in super chunky yarn, this pattern is fast, easy and great for TV watching. Leave off the fringe for a more modern look.

Fund-Raiser Hat and Scarf (html)

An elegant Hat and Scarf set that comes complete with permission to donate for sale to a Worthy Cause.


This is a great sock pattern for a difficult variegated yarn (ie the colors pool funny) but it is not a sock for beginners! Have a little experience before committing to this fingering weight pattern.


These socks were created for the Hurricane Sock Swap of 2006 with an insanely tiny gauge (9sts to 1″ with sock weight). It’s worth the agony.


Socks for Fall Occasions. This as a man’s sock (10.5″ circumference foot) with a simple but effective slipped stitch pattern on the leg.

Emily’s Basic Circular Socks

Great for beginning sock knitters (or beginners on circs), the heel is turned to the last row. Great Gran likes US5s on these, I like US3s with sport weight.

Worsted Weight Basic Socks

This is my basic sock pattern for four needles. Change the stitch pattern on the legs for variety.

Boxy Cardigan for 18″ Dolls (html)

Exactly what is sounds like!

Wee Tiny Sock

This little sock was created for the Wee Tiny Sock Swap of 2007. **The link in the PDF for the toe-up version is wrong, try here.**



The Official dish rag of waiting.

The Official Pattern of Dish Rag Tag: The Sequel

This pattern was knit by 286 knitters in 40 states.

The Official Pattern of Son of Dish Rag Tag

This pattern was knit by a bunch of knitters in a bunch of states. I had a toddler this year so I didn’t keep count.

The Official Pattern of Revenge of Dish Rag Tag

132 knitters have approved this pattern. It’s on the bias.

The Official Pattern of Dish Rag Tag V

112 knitters have made this dish cloth – short rows and all! (nothing to it, I swear)