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Little Lunch

I’m still plugging away at Christmas orders, but in non-knitting news, I’ve been trying something new.

At Ellie’s new pre-school, the kids eat school provided lunch before they are picked up at noon. We were picking Ellie up before that since we ‘eat weird’ for this neck of the woods but she really really really wanted to eat lunch with her friends. So I bought a couple little lock-top containers and started packing her lunches in lazy bento fashion. This has been a little bit of a challenge since there is not a lot Ellie eats at this phase of her development (if it’s green or obviously grown in the ground, Ellie has ethical objections).


Friday’s Lunch

She’s got graham crackers with peanut butter in the middle, a laughing cow cheese wedge, veggie straws (just two green ones), a couple Oreos and prepackaged applesauce from our hurricane supplies. The real cute is in her little bento bag.


Pink AND a cat!

The unexpected side effect of Ellie’s little lunchables is that three days a week Michael and I can eat grown up lunch.


Curry couscous with corn, black beans, seitan and carrots.

There’s actually nothing in there that Ellie doesn’t like (except carrots) but there is nothing in there that Ellie will eat (except the seitan).

Ellie said her lunch was “yummers” and ate everything except the cookie part of the Oreos (???). Ours was yummers too and we ate it ALL.

Take Two

It’s the first day of preschool! Jump for joy!

jumping in striped legs

Check out those stripes!

You thought we already did that? She spent a total of eight days at the old place. The third Friday morning, she told me she would rather stay home and clean the house with me than go to school and have birthday cupcakes with her class. We were already REALLY unhappy with the place (our choices are few) but sticking with it as long as she seemed to be enjoying herself. We called the Montessori place a couple towns south (it’s a drive or she would have been there already). They said “Sure we have room, but if you aren’t in a hurry, we’re opening a new school down the road from you!” We weren’t in a hurry and school started today.

And she was not shy.

The Official Pattern of Dish Rag Tag V: V is for Victory is up and ready for download on Ravelry and in my Free Patterns (it’s at the very bottom). Incidentally, the Free Patterns page has been spruced up a bit and now has pictures.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to get started on Ellie’s Halloween costume! I am so glad school opened this week – I had no idea when I was going to find the time to get that done.