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Pop Tart

Sue, my Special Swap partner for February, and I decided to mail our boxes on the same day and race to see which one got there first. We both mailed them Thursday and I unthinkingly sent mine Priority (it did not occur to me that this might be cheating) and she sent hers First Class. In a bizarre Twist Of Fate, they both arrived on Saturday. Which does make me wonder what exactly I am paying for when I ship Priority. I choose to think of it as a Yarn Miracle. Look at all this great stuff!

basket of goodies

Some candy not pictured due to impatience.

The theme was Hearts and Roses and Sue sent some really fun things: the sweetest heart plate and stationary, a bunch of candy (can’t have a swap without chocolate – it’s the law), a darling red felted bowl (which isn’t showing up too well in the picture – it’s hidden by candy) AND Instant Gratification Sock Yarn in Chocolate Covered Kisses. I LOVE this colorway and I was just saying the other day that I needed another pair of socks with pink in them! Thank you so much, Sue! Incidentally, you may not be able to reach Sue of comment, they were expecting a foot of snow last night! Which makes me feel kind of bad because today is beautiful and I have the windows open.

My blue sweater vest is joined at the shoulders:

on the bench

Now for the neck and arm bands.

And William Henry is as charming as ever in spite of his criminal tendencies (there is another sweet/disturbing picture of the cats in the sideblog).

on the 'fridge

What kind of pie?

Oh, remember when The Col. needed a new logic board? When they replaced that the antenna was damaged and the CD drive was misaligned (the CDs no longer exit the drive but rather slam into the side and then reload themselves). We are taking it back on Monday so I might be out of the loop for a bit.