Monthly Archives: January 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me begin with a short endorsement: Theraflu (the kind with “warming relief” to be specific) is nothing short of awesome. I might go so far as to call it Miraculous if the second ingredient on the label wasn’t alcohol. Hah!

I am feeling much better.

I even made my Darling Sister (who is coming to visit today YAY!) a little surprise because I love her and often think of her when I am sick.

you know the ones

You know whats. In some Blue Sky Alpaca.

Everybody else is making them. I was really starting to feel left out. They are a quick, interesting knit and a nice break from those socks. They are also probably full of Flu Germs, which is why I changed the name to “Catching.” It had a better ring to it than “Mitts of Death.” Sounds almost cute right? Be sure to remind her of that when she is huddled in bed with chills and fever waiting for the sweet release of death.

Enough sick talk! Look! Kitty!

WH it up so high

William Henry, you’re up so high!

How cute is this? It’s a virtual world for kids! With penguins. You can make a free account (which is apparently not as cool as a premium account but you do get to try it out before you buy or let your kids play). I am doing the tutorial now.


Another cool thing people are doing lately is making short films in virtual settings. They are called machinima. Lots of them are very very cool. Like this one.


I’ve finished the leg of the first of the GBS (Great Big Socks).

brown sock leg

8 inches. I figure since he’s taller than the average guy, his sock leg should be too.

I like the broken rib: it’s interesting but not too interesting, making it a good choice for a Manly Man sock. I’m going to continue the pattern down the foot so I don’t get bored and fantasize about other projects (smaller projects) on the endless trek to the toe.

I’ve also finished the back of the blue vest.

piece for the vest

It’ll look better when it’s blocked.

I’ve got plenty of yarn, by the way. I should have a skein left over.

And I set the toaster on fire.


Not my finest hour.

I put the bread in, set the timer and wandered away. After what had seemed like a really long time, the toaster hadn’t gone off yet so I wandered back in to see the smoke. And the flames when I opened the door and let in the oxygen like a dope. It was very exciting. And smelly.

To round off the week, I seem to have picked up the flu. Which makes me very unhappy. Tylenol is my friend.