Monthly Archives: January 2009

Back Off

The back is finished.


Candy reward shown for scale.

It only took me … what? Two weeks?


On the upside, that’s the largest piece!

PS The alpaca didn’t work for the February Lady Sweater (I wasn’t satisfied with the fabric at the required gauge on top of my fuzz issues). But I’ve got some Cotlin in the closet that might need a second look. I was going to make a Surplice Lace Top, but I’m not sure I would actually wear it if the bodice didn’t fit exactly right.

V-Neck Progress

You can get a lot done staying up too late and watching too much TV.


What have we here?

Hey, Ellie, would you please hold that up so people can get a better look?


Not by the needle!

Thank you, dear baby.

Project fidelity makes for some boring blogging.


Michael has gone to PetSmart to help out with BARC’s pet adoption weekend. Ellie and all the cats are napping*. My plan was to only do fun things today.

Fun usually means knitting, but I will let you in on a little secret:

Stockinette can be Very Boring.


I only did ribbing for 3″ – 3.75″ seemed like a lot of band.

So there is a loaf of bread in the oven, I cleaned the kitchen and uploaded some pictures.

And my thoughts turn to this:


It’s that Blue Sky Sportweight.

It wants to be a simple cabled vest (I haven’t found a pattern). I want it to be right for the February Lady Sweater. Fuzzy alpaca is completely wrong**, but I have become obsessed with that sweater to the point of dragging out all my yarn in search of candidates. The yarn and I are at an Impasse.

I will ponder this while I knit stockinette.

*Ellie and I don’t get to attend pet adoptions right now due to Nap Placement.
**I could be wrong, I think I should swatch anyway, don’t you?

Take Two

If you get the gauge you want on the second try…that’s is the sweater you should make next, right?


That’s better.

Forget all that other stuff from before. I am making the Deep V Sweater (ravelry link – but it’s the cover sweater) from Erika Knight’s Classic Knits.


I’ll match the ElliePhant.

Great Gran abandoned a cardigan at the perfect moment. I love it when she says, “Here, Em-loo, can you do anything with this?”

I gotta go cast-on before I look at my To Do List and see something else that needs doing!

Get What I Want

If you get the gauge you want on the first try…that’s is the sweater you should make next, right?


Wait. That is half a stitch short.



Just Looking

I am a knitter in search of a project.

I thought I was going to begin the new year with Dan in some kahki Cotton Club (Ravelry link, the yarn is discontinued). But I can’t make the gauge work out right, even though the yarn’s suggested gauge and the pattern’s gauge are the same.


It has one more chance. Just one.


I either need to come up with another sweater for Michael with this yarn (time is of the essence, we only have about six more weeks of “winter”), or scrap it and make something for either myself or the house.

Like a vest (for me) in this sport weight Blue Sky Alpaca.


Mom brought it to me as a ski trip souvenir.

Or a Hemlock Blanket (for the house) in this Taupe Cotton Ease.


Is a yarn reclaimed if you never finished the original project?

Or something else entirely.