Monthly Archives: February 2009

Sweater? What Sweater?

Today, I did not build a planter for the strawberry plants that arrived in the mail (the company told me the ship date was the end of March). Today, I did not unload or load the dishwasher. I did not wash litter boxes. I did not write thank you notes or even thank you emails.

I’ve been slightly obsessed with the idea of an Etsy shop. Fuzzy Mitten has given permission to sell toys made from her patterns, so I’ve spent all week developing a sustainable unique version of the Easter Bunny that I wouldn’t get old after the third one. You know, just to see.

Today, instead of dishes and strawberries and cat hygiene, I knit Floppy Bunny Leg v6.0 and attached it.


His arms still aren’t long enough, but I think another inch will do it.

I’ve got a bunch of Blue Sky Organic Cotton. And I was thinking that stuffed with cotton batting, the critters would have a nice flop to them. I thought I might try a few pesticide-free bunnies. Just to see. That’s not a total waste of time right? You never know, someone might want one.


Cotton Tail

I got desperate to finish today so that I would have something to show for this week. Well, something besides this:


She wasn’t interested in her cake until we got her a fork.

I honestly can’t believe it has been a year.

Be Mine


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m not sure my cards will make it in time this year. They were finished last Monday but I got to stalling about mailing them because I was trying to finish this:

(If you are Judi, there is nothing to see here. Come back later.)


Hippo Valentine’s Day!

It was raining (of course) so the pictures are terrible. But this was such a satisfying finished object.


Mah close-up. Let me show you it.

Hippo and ballerina costume patterns by Fuzzy Mitten.

The Deep V looks the same as last time. I don’t know if it is because the sweater is so boring or if it is because the toys have just been so fun, but I have found myself contemplating an etsy shop. With bunnies maybe.

Diversionary Tactics

Look! A snake!


Mine isn’t as sleepy as the original.

Every now and then I forget how much I hate felting things. If you make this pattern (it’s clever and cute), stick with one mouse. It’s tough to cram three into the snake after he is felted.


They are cute though.

And I’m at the neck on the sweater!


It’s a DEEP v-neck (no armholes yet) so don’t get too excited.

I need to hurry up and finish this thing before we all die of boredom.