Do Not Go Gentle

Last week I was reading Ellie a poem in Carole’s blog post (because I do that: read stuff to my kid) and she noticed that Carole’s little word of the year was ‘peace.’ She thought that was awesome, that we should also have a little word of the year, and it wasn’t the end of January yet so it wasn’t too late. Introducing the 2017 Word of the Year….HUG.

“Marshmallow” was the runner up. We’re all kinds of deep and philosophical over here.

4 thoughts on “Do Not Go Gentle

  1. kathy b

    Im a hugger. SO I LOVE Your word! last year mine was boundaries. THis year…. I don’t have one. Maybe it should be Paint. just kidding . We painted the whole house in January and finished today. Still thinking on a word….

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