Monthly Archives: February 2017

Getting Better

We’re all finally getting over whatever it was that we had. The coughs are the last things to go and the coughs are the WORST.

Ellie has felt like playing again, she took her trunk apart so she could pack for Hogwarts. Packing for Hogwarts is one of William Henry’s favorite games.

Ready to go.

For whatever reason (peer pressure? people are always knitting socks), I started a sock on the way to Disney World.

Just the beginning.

I haven’t knit a sock in years. It’s a Take Five (kathy b peer pressure similar color even ellie picked it). Take 5 is also one of my favorite candy bars. I’m working on the gusset.

National Caregivers Day

My turn with the virus started yesterday evening. That’s not as awesome as it sounds.

Gran and Pop (my parents) are in town for an eye appointment and left a whole bunch of groceries on the porch last night. I waved sadly from inside the window.

The flower is for Ellie.

I’m thinking of establishing a cargo cult in their honor.

Be My Valentine

Here are the Valentines that Ellie made to mail to people.

Prints and Paper

Here is the Valentine she made for me. It’s so big I had to assemble it and then I made a movie.

Here is the Valentine I drew for Michael.

This is segue.

And here is where we were on Valentine’s Day! (another video)

It was super fantastically awesome until Ellie got a fever and we had to come home early. Michael has a fever now too so early departure was a really good decision.