Monthly Archives: April 2004

haiti, beginning

Haiti’s pretty shell stuff is finished (which was fun – I love lacy stitches) and I am now involved in the miles of mind-numbing stockinette.

haiti full of contrast

I’ve never made a sweater all in one piece, it feels like it is moving much more quickly than other projects. Maybe it’s knowing that there isn’t another section after this one. Maybe it’s because it’s a tank and those tend to go fast fast. Maybe it’s the cute, pink circular needle. Or the sack of Cream Savers that I have consumed to keep me interested in knitting around and around and around.

Or it could be the yarn iteslf. Now, splitty is not usually a quality I look for in a yarn. In fact I have sworn to never knit with Wildflower again because it’s so Disfunctional that way. But somehow, the other outstanding qualities of this stuff makes watching for splits worth it. Svale is soft and knits up with a fabulous drape that has a little shimmer to it. I am not saying it’s easy staying alert for offenders, I’m just saying the overall effect of the yarn may be worth it to you.

In other news. This is what Angus has been up to lately.

dog on the floor

Mr. Pitiful

Can you see his red nose? Some of that is allergy and some is from burying chewies in his bed to hide them from the cat. I try to tell him that Betty doesn’t want his chewies, but the mucus has made him a little paranoid. Also, he is not sleeping very well. I know this because he stands by the side of my bed and pants on me until I wake up and pet him. We have dosed him with Benadryl so he should be sound alseep and breathing easier in about 20 minutes.

PS Can you keep a secret? Here is a split that I am not going back to fix. I noticed it way too late and you can’t see it from the front. I’m just going to pretend that it is my humility block.

photo shoot

The S4 is dry in a mere three days instead of the estimated three years! And in this humidity, too. Amazing.

me by the massive privet hedge

Dig the tree? That is actually a Chinese Privet Hedge that has grown to Epic Proportions. For more information, please visit NRCS.

Michael liked the new camera so much, he took a whole bunch of pictures of me! Some were blurry (he hasn’t gotten the knack of focusing yet) but here are a couple more good ones that show off the sweater.

me by the wall close up on the seam

To the left, we have me posing like the girl in the pattern picture (stomach covered). And to the right we have a close up of the sleeve seam. I can’t wait to wear it in public!

Next, on Yarn Miracle:
Emily starts Haiti and copes with a Very Splitty Yarn.

S4 is complete!

Mom has been visiting this week and Great Gran talked us all into running down to Mary Esther to spend the night. Our little vacation gave me time to turn this:

pile o' striped pieces

Into this:

seamed sweater on table

And it only took two hours! I really like to seam things up. Now the S4 is blocking on the bedroom floor. Yes, I seamed before I blocked. I usually do it the other way around: block, then seam, then steam the seams into flatness. But because I wasn’t at home, I took a chance. I predict that it will take the next three years to dry but other than that, things will be OK. In the meantime, I will swatch for Haiti.

Just as an aside:
You shouldn’t publish a knitting pattern that requires crochet skills to finish. That’s just misleading. And hard for those of us who don’t really understand how to tie knots with one stick instead of two. Luckily, I have a grandmother who does…

yarn fairy visit

The Yarn Fairy brought my sale yarn!

chai latte Gatsby
ella Jazz

mmmm wooly

On the left, we have Classic Elite’s Gatsby in “Chai Latte.” There are eight hanks of it for the Gatsby Pullover in the Spring 2003 Interweave. On the right, in the “Ella” colorway, we have Artful Yarn’s Jazz. Four hanks will make the On the Go Vest from Knitters Magazine (Winter 2001) for Michael. These are so obviously winter projects. If I made them now we wouldn’t get to wear them for months. Just looking at the yarn makes me feel hot and itchy. My brain knows this, but my fingers want to swatch!