I do not like the waffle sweater. I think it wants to be in a mohair or something at that gauge – not an aran weight yarn. I tried it with balloon sleeves. I tried it with bell sleeves. I blocked it. I’m going to pull it out and make something else.

This I like.A little house with new green shutters. It needs a bath.

New shutters! So much better.

Word on the street is that outside work starts again in March. I am pretty excited.

Bon Temps Roulez

the house with 15.5" of show (shoveled)

The official total (says the news) was 15.7″. Still easier than ice. It’s pretty and lovely to be inside when it’s snowing, but I think the thing I like the most is that the power stays on!

about a dozen snow ducks arranges in ranks on the porch rail

Snow duck army. I got her a duck mold. She also had a rice duck in her red beans last night.

Doily #2

another doily! in peaches and cream and displayed on a round plant stand. floral motif with a picot edging

This one is actually the Zinnia Dishcloth, but I think it works as a doily. In peaches and Cream (a dishcloth yarn hah) on US7s it cam out at around 11″. I did not use the pattern’s crochet bind off, but instead went with a picot bind off.

How many until this counts as a phase? I just started another one.

Snow #2

The house with cleared sidewalk and front walk. The driveway is just roughed up (because gravel) becuase I am trying something new.

It’s less fun to clear when it’s ice on top. I know about ice.

I haven’t finished the driveway in this picture: I raked it up rough with the garden rake, so all the rocks will stay in one place and there should be enough traction for the car not to slide. There’s also more surface area for the sun to help out a bit. It worked for icy driveway back home – I can’t imagine that Physics is different up here.

Sweater pieces. One sleeve still has the needles in, the body of the sweater has a broken rib pattern on the top half.

I got the neck put on the current sweater, got all excited because I realized I was just a few seams away from being finished…and then noticed that the sleeves weren’t the same length. What even happened there I wonder? I’ve got to add an inch to the short one.