Monthly Archives: July 2004

back and bag

Ok so I spent a lot of time in the car. Knitting. On this bag.

felty bag progress

And let me tell you how Painfully Booooooring this is. Painfully Boooooooring. Luckily there was a lot of singing in the car and I can sing and knit at the same time. I didn’t knit at all on the way home. I was way too tired. But after we got back, unpacked, repacked and came to Mary Esther I spent some more time on the Bag That Wouldn’t End. Here’s my current progress.

Felty Bag pieces

The curly bit in the middle is the handle.

I had to cast on 349 stitches for the handle. 349! Do you know how long that takes? A really really long time. Did I mention that it’s HOT here? And the bag is wool? Which makes for some itchy knitting.


Look who came up the hole in the fireplace that Betty went down that time! Up through the metal cover! Gave me a heart attack. I dragged Angus and Betty to the back and shut them in a bedroom and then watched while M hooked Mr. Rat Snake into a trash can. A tall trash can. We dumped him out at the pond. Scared me to death. There are bricks on the metal cover now. Heavy, heavy bricks.

Finished my top!


me on the porch

Here’s a close-up of the stitch pattern.

It’s finished. The tank came out a little big and I’m considering pulling out the neck band and doing it again, but I finished my very first made-up pattern. I’m mostly pleased! It’s comfortable and cooler than a sweater ought to be (probably becuase of all the air that can circulate around my middle). So I am going to pack it to take up to Virginia. We are heading out tomorrow and will be gone a while. I am getting my Car Knitting all lined up.

First we have: Hammie’s Graduation Socks. Yep, still haven’t finished them. I had to pull out several inches on the second one twice and got a little frustrated. Socks make great car knitting, especially on circulars so you can’t drop the needles under the seat. I just wish it wasn’t those socks.

So, I’ve started a new project.

the beginning of Mercury

Brown Sheep finally got their roof fixed.

This makes great car knitting! With the giant gauge and the stockinette, I can watch the scenery and not drop a stitch. I hope it’s ready to felt when I get home. This is pretty wishful thinking, once we get there I barely have time to sleep much less knit. But hope springs eternal.

See ya’ll in about a week and a half!