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As many of you know, Lynne is collecting 300 pairs of mittens for children in her community whose hands are cold. Any kind of mittens will do (she needs them by December 10th – so if anyone wants to contribute but doesn’t have time to make some – purchased mittens are also gladly accepted). I thought this would be a great opportunity for another Family Knit-A-Long. Since we were supposed to be making kid-sized mittens, I figured that we could get them finished while Mom was here for Thanksgiving. So I ordered the yarn and waited. And waited. And waited. It got here yesterday.

Great Gran's hand and a pile of yarn

Great Gran is casting on with the pink yarn I got for Mom. She likes pink.

My Mom is long gone, but I have committed to three pairs of mittens so Great Gran and I didn’t waste any time getting started (as you can see). The yarn is Swish Superwash (KnitPicks) and I am fond of it. It comes in a variety of great, even colors, is soft to the touch, springy and pleasant to knit with. I’ve got one pair of mittens finished and Great Gran is halfway through pair number two.

Green mittens and a hand book

The Handy Book of Patterns really is very handy.

If Great Gran decides that she doesn’t want to make the third pair this weekend, I will do them on Monday and can still have them in the mail by Wednesday which should get them to Lynne before the 10th. I could do them this weekend in the car on the way to Jacksonville (ACC Championship), but I have decided to make a pair of socks in Georgia Tech colors instead. When I take my knitting into the stadium (for commercials, time outs, halftime etc.), I want to appear Spirited and not Bored. My aunt is also more inclined to forgive knitting during football if it is in white and gold. Also: it turns out that there are yarn stores in Jacksonville!

golden sock

The yarn is STR (sock weight) in Olivenite, my pattern is on the index card.

This breaks my “one sock, one large project on the needles at a time” rule. But so do the mittens. What can you do? Now I just need to find a bag/purse that a huge ball of Socks That Rock will fit in. I would like something in a wide-wale corduroy.

Please note, all images are brought to you today care of Mr. Pink: colors may be prettier than they appear.

Thanksgiving 2006

Happy Belated Thanksgiving (to those of you in the US)!

I mentioned in my sidebar that my trusty camera is suffering from some sort of Occular Trouble. To illustrate how dire the situation is, I present the following images:

new vest - camera
new vest - phone

On the left, Michael’s new sweater vest as seen by the ailing camera. On the right, Michael’s new sweater vest as seen by the camera in my phone. Neither one is an accurate representation of the color of the yarn (Elegance in Burnt Orange), but the one on the right is much closer. I am using a pattern from Harrisville Designs (the potholder people) called “Cashmere Cabled Vest.” Not a creative title, but it seems to be a nice pattern. I can’t say for sure yet because after two and a half days of work, that is as far as I’ve gotten. I started making the size M would wear, and it came out in the size I would wear. Luckily, I noticed this pretty quickly and (after checking my gauge obsessively), pulled out what I had and went up both a pattern and needle size. This seems to have worked. KnitPicks was very nice about finding a couple more balls of yarn in the right dyelot (bless you, KnitPicks). Perhaps the Harrisville folks neglected to take into account that cables really pull a thing together. Or maybe it’s just MY cables that really pull a thing together. I am perfectly willing to admit to User Error. I usually make a swatch in the pattern stitch before starting. Why didn’t I do that this time? Laziness probably. The sweater vest also suffered another small set-back when I noticed a cable mistake. I attempted to pick out multiple rows of just that cable for repair. That did not go well.

orange sock - camera
orange sock - phone

Continuing in my Warm Colors Series, the above is a Socks That Rock sportweight sock in Fred Flintstone. Again, neither picture accurately represents the color, but the one on the right is closer (orange is closer to red than to purple). The pattern is one we all know and love (and I adapted to my gauge). Incidentally, if you are looking for an interesting sock that doesn’t mess up the great patterning of your variegated yarn, the Brainy Lady’s Basic Cabled Socks is a wonderful choice.

Let the record show that I need a new camera.

The CounterPain Square Count is at 19/140. Too late I have realized that I should have numbered each square as if it was part of an edition of fine art prints. I keep telling myself that I should start seaming squares so that there is less work at the end. I also keep telling myself that I should be darning socks. Apparently, myself doesn’t like to be told what to do.

PS I have just corrected all of the times I mispelled “cabel” in this entry. Which was every time I typed it.