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Wee Tiny Sock Day

I declare today International Wee Tiny Sock Day! All around the world, wee tiny socks are entering the postal system. Including the one that I finally found the time to make at 4am this morning:

I stamped it with the last of the Christmas stamps (I’d been saving it especially for this occasion) and then had to borrow Great Gran’s mailbox to send it to its new home. Our letter carrier* showed up at 10 o’clock this morning with a giant box** and told me that the routes were changed and now our mail comes before lunch. After five years of afternoon walks to the mail box, this comes as quite a shock.

*Our letter carrier (who is new to me as of today) had this route when Gran-mother lived here. She used to invite him in for a Coke Float whenever she saw him. Being a man with a Postal Responsibilities, he never got to take her up on it.
**More on this later, it is a pretty good story that involves the aforementioned Judi. I’ve got to find a minute to write her a nice, long email first. A minute where I can use both hands to type – Ellie is currently occupying one arm. I’ve only answered about half my email this past week. Anything that requires a longish, more personal reply is on hold until napping resumes.

Wee Tiny Matches

The Pals for the Wee Tiny Sock Swap have been assigned! If you don’t have a match in your email, check your spam folder first and then please let me know as soon as possible (comment or email me or whatever). **Would someone pass this along to the Ravelry discussion? If I don’t go to sleep now, I might not get to.**

Thank you so much to everyone who helped solve our database trouble! I am proud to be a part of a community of helpful (non-mocking) people. I was going to write back to each email to say thank you personally, but there were about a hundred and today was a day with No Naps In It (apparently, Ellie has outgrown them at the ripe old age of 5 weeks and four days) and I didn’t get a chance. It’s the thought that counts, right?

PS: Judi, I have written you back every time! Check your spam folder, for crying out loud. (Judi is a friend from High School – not a Wee Tiny Swapper. I feel like I can say “for crying out loud” to her without any sort of rudeness.)


Sign-ups for The Wee Tiny Sock Swap 2008 are officially closed! The total number of Wee Tiny Swappers is 276. That’s more than triple the number of sign-ups from last year. Fantastic! Just fantastic! Mail carriers from all over the world will be tickled to death.

Expect your Wee Tiny Pal’s information in your email tomorrow (Friday)! I’ll post to this blog after they are sent in case some folks need to check their spam folders.


Here are some of the things I liked best about this Easter.

Little girls in Easter dresses.

The first sandal wearing of 2008.


I’ve been painting my toenails for a week in preparation.

Dinah in Michael’s sandals.


Hates the boy, loves his shoes.

Easter baskets.


The Easter Bunny provided everything except his likeness.

Joining the legs of Ellie’s Romper.


Not as exciting as armholes, but progress nonetheless.

The awesomest thing of all: 182 participants in Wee Tiny Sock Swap 2008. You’ve got ’til Thursday to sign-up!