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Hot Faces Save Lives

Decisions about mask wearing may be touted ‘personal’, but the greatest risk of that ‘personal’ decision is to the community not the individual. Not covering your face doesn’t change your risk much but it changes mine a lot. (you don’t have to believe me, there are a bunch of new studies and reports and just look at that Supercuts)

In short: Your mask shows you care about other people, mine shows I care about you.

Even shorter: Your mask is for me, my mask is for you.

Keep your droplets to yourself.

When we all vote.

People are rattling around wondering how to make a difference. Besides showing up at a rally and not acting like a jerk, there are a bunch of organizations actively working for change. I’m personally fond of organizations that encourage people to vote.

Here comes the editorial:

Nah, I’m just kidding. Y’all know why it’s important to vote (our current federal administration is super inspiring). Y’all also know that there is enough active effort to disenfranchise people – particularly people of color – (gerrymandering, intimidation, fostering apathy, closing DMVs while simultaneously creating stricter voter ID laws), that we shouldn’t make it any easier by disenfranchising ourselves. Now, who wants to convince other people that voting makes a difference? When We All Vote

Is This Thing On?

It’s not called the parable of the 99 Perfectly Fine Sheep. (Matthew 18:12–14, Luke 15:3–7) Black lives matter.

Related: I hadn’t thought about “brown eyes/blue eyes” in ages and ages. Killer Mike was on Colbert Monday, and he brought up Jane Elliot. If you’re not aware of her (or even if you are), Google. Watch some videos on youtube. Her message is for everyone. Recognizing prejudice and discrimination in ourselves will help make the world a better place.