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Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!


This year’s mug is made by Pat Parker.

I’ve been working on the sock for the Bake Sale. The pattern is reminiscent of the dish cloth on the Peaches & Creme ball band.


The stitch pattern I ended up using is mediocre as far as Difficulty is concerned, making this a great sock project for social knitting. It’s also gender neutral and quite stretchy so it will suit many types of feet. The slipped stitch pattern makes good use of variegated yarns, but it is also interesting enough to stand out when made in a solid or semi solid colorway. In short, Bake Sale is shaping up to be an excellent all-purpose, go-to pattern. Yay!

Also, did you see my lion?


Fuzzy Mitten’s Scrap Chaps are stuffed with cute.