Monthly Archives: August 2003

at the beach

The purse stitch scarf is all finished. And so is “Remembering Honey” from this summer’s Interweave Knits. Unfortunately, I have followed Great Gran to the beach: Mom had to go back to Atlanta but Great Gran said she wasn’t coming home – possibly ever – so Michael, the dog and I have all come down to Mary Esther to be with her. This is only unfortunate (the beach itself is great – nice breeze off the water, the Sock Frenzy, “I Dream of Jeannie” every afternoon) because the digital camera doen’t work with M’s laptop and there is no scanner even if I DID do one-hour processing on my photos. So you will just have to wait to see how they turned out. Great Gran has let me start her scarf (her color is Strawberry Patch) so that does dull the pain of no visuals a little bit.

Also, I have a quandry. I want to make the “Short-sleeved striped cotton sweater” in Vintage Knits (actually, I want to make just about everything in that entire book) but I can’t decide on colors. I would love love love to make it in the Rowan handknit dk cotton that the pattern calls for, it just looks like dreamy yarn AND machine washable to boot, but it is a little pricey. I have discovered that Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece is a great (and economical) substitute – despite it being handwash only and dry clean for anything involving more than one color – but I can’t decide on colors. If anybody has any brilliant ideas, please let me know.

lorien scarf

Mom and Great Gran discovered a new yarn store. They found it when they were in desperate need of more Fixation – you know, for the Sock Frenzy that has seized the two of them since they went to Mary Esther for the summer. The “Yarn Garden” doesn’t carry Fixation, but they did get some of Brown Sheep’s Handpaint Originals to make scarves (Great Gran was making her own and Mom was making one for me).

Mom neglected to check the label (70% Mohair and 30% Wool) and started itching the minute she cast on. So I get to make my own scarf and Hooray for wool allergies!

This yarn is scrumptious, and so nice and shiny and fuzzy and bright! Lorien carries it in about a million colorways (and at such a great price!). My scarf is in “Sunbaked Earth” which has olive, orange, bright blue, maroon and brown. I feel the yarn deserves more than a boring old garter stitch, so I am making the whole thing in a purse stitch (*YO, K2tog, rep from * on all rows) that really shows off the yarn. I think I need a matching hat.

This scarf would go much faster if I would stop spreading it out to look at the colors.

mmm…pretty colors

I couldn’t stand it, M wouldn’t get out the digital camera so I threw it on the scanner. The orange makes me happy every time it comes around.

PS The needles are Bakelite. Wish they still made ’em like they used to.