Monthly Archives: October 2003

coming along

I’ve been doing a little bit of work on my site. I have added a couple things to my links page. And I finally got a pattern up – the one I wrote for Great Gran that has fueled the Sock Frenzy. I feel that I can honestly say that it has been Tested for Accuracy.

I finished up the grey cabled socks for M and started some Magic Stripes (by Lion Brand) socks for me in purple. We visited Mom up in Atlanta last week and got to go to Hobby Lobby (a store I adore). We actually went to the one in Morrow, GA, which has a fabulous selection of yarn for a craft store – I bought two balls of Magic Stripes (one purple and one brown) and a couple sets of dpns in sizes I didn’t have.

I am STILL working on the purple sweater. I’m almost back to the armholes but I think I have missed the window to wear it before the weather gets cold. It is supposed to be somewhere in the 40s tonight. And while I know that the weather is subject to drastic change (it has been in the 80s on Christmas in recent memory), I might feel silly in short sleeves in November. Well, it will be a fun new thing for spring.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, the digital camera is charged but I don’t have time to use it. The house is “finished” enough so that we can move our stuff from the storage room to the living room to save a bit of cash. We’ll be pretty busy with that for the rest of the week since we need to be out by the 1st. It looks just wonderful (the house, I mean – if you ignore the piles of boxes) and getting all of my things back out has been delightful. I know it is bad to get so attached to objects, but I just love my furniture and have missed it terribly.

On another note, Angus the Dog has started his arthritis shots. They are fantastic – he jumped up in the truck by himself yesterday for the first time in ages and ages. Hooray! He has also started burying his cheweez in various places: under the rug, under the couch, right now there are two in his bed. He is also carrying them outside with him on walks. I don’t know why he is doing this. I wonder if it is a side effect from the shots. Or the onset of senility. Either way, he is a Darling Dog and he will stay a Darling Dog even if he Loses His Marbles.


Wah! Allergies! I have been miserable with the violent sneezing and such. I’ve got a new pill to try and so far so good – I don’t want to scratch the itches on inside of my head anymore. I think that may be a good sign that it is working.

M has put a hole in the toe of his Wildfoote socks already! I guess that just shows me how much he likes them but honestly. No sweat to darn it, though, it isn’t like he walked through the heel.

Still working on the purple sweater. I think I may never get finished. I made it all the way to the armholes on the front piece last Saturday and then noticed that I had managed to skip two entire rows of pattern back at the very beginning. I have No Idea how I managed that. Total oblivian, I suppose. So I have ripped back (Well actually, Michael ripped back, I wasn’t sure I could do it without a temper tantrum.) and now am at 5 1/2 inches. I could scream.

Oh by the way, we are back in Bay Minette at least for a little while. Since we left Mary Esther at the appointed time, Great Gran and I got to stop in Pensacola at King’s Sewing and Knitting Center (they will eventually have a website at but for now there is just a place holder). Which was Quite Cool. They had a bunch of yarn that I had never seen in person and these really nifty black bags with handles for your purchases. Our new Regia Stretch Color (Elastic in wool! Who Knew?) rode home in one. Great Gran also splurged on some Supersock from Cherry Tree Hill (in Fairhope at the B. Sumrall Gallery). Luscious! And I am so jealous. When we are rich again, I am going to buy a bunch of skeins and just pet it.