Monthly Archives: November 2003

front done!

With an enormous sigh of relief, I have finished the front piece of the sweater that never ends! Now a single, solitary, short sleeve stands between me and swatching for a new project. I like the purple sweater, don’t get me wrong, but I have been working it on it since ALL MY LIFE and I am ready for a change.

We are in Mary Esther until Saturday. M, the dog and I had a lovely boat ride this afternoon and an even lovelier sunset this evening. Pink everywhere. Agatha Christie on tape, a finished purple front and pizza for dinner. Does it get any better?

Great Gran finished her Cherry Tree Hill socks in the car on the way down and I did the toes. Great Gran does NOT graft. She is perfectly capable of finishing her own socks, she just hates it. I figure if she could seam all of Gran-mother’s sweaters for her (my great grandmother did NOT seam), I can graft a few toes for Great Gran. That is how Knitting Karma works.

one sock down

I am one sock into my MagicStripes socks. I started on the purple since I am not sure if there is going to be enough to make Michael-size socks.

magicstripes (29k image)

mmmm stripey

I got to the armholes (again) on the front piece of the diamond sweater! I can’t even believe it – I might actually finish the thing. Which is good because I’ve got a whole chest full of yarn just waiting to become something.

Great Gran finished one of her Cherry Tree Hill socks and has made it to the heel on the second one – these socks are divine. I think they might be the socks that angels wear. She is hurrying to finish her second one so that she can wear them with her new shoes (Birkenstocks – my Great Gran is So Cool) to her Sunday School Party. I will get you a picture of her sporting them when she is finished.