Monthly Archives: October 2004



Bat Boy is upside down. Scaaaaary Ghost

I’ve also got one of M right side up. And a close up of my ghostly, sunken eyes.

The kids really really really wanted to wear their costumes to Sunday School. Whenever they suggest something (reasonable) we try very hard to make it happen. We like for them to have a say in (some of) the stuff we do as a class. So far there is no progress on, “Can I bring my dog?”. I’ll keep you updated. Anyway, since the kids were dressing up, M and I did to. I spent the morning saying, “I am a scary ghost. Not a cute ghost. See? OOOooooOOOOO.” Honestly.

In knitting news:

lovey dark bluey greeny yarn

Yarn fairy! Thanks, Larissa.

An Everyday Cardigan made from this yummy stuff is my next project. As soon as the orange sweater vest is behind me, I’ll be swatching for this one. Sooner if it turns out that I don’t have enough yarn to finish the aforementioned sweater vest. Y’all cross your fingers!


boy in vest closeup of neckband

Cute boy. Great vest. I am Quite Pleased with this one.


Here is a quick knitting update:

M’s vest is finished, blocked and wonderful! There aren’t any pictures yet because it keeps raining in the mornings and then he starts working. I am going to try again tomorrow. And tonight I made it to the armholes on the back of the orange vest I am making for me. By my estimation, I just barely have enough yarn to eke thing out. This sort of situation makes me very, very nervous.

Oh, and I bought some yarn from Larissa. I’ve had the Everyday Cardigan pattern for a while so this should be the catalyst I need to make it. Well, that and my new coat is on back order until November 11 – not that that is some kind of hardship for me, our afternoons are still in the 80s.

PTSD and golf

I haven’t got much knitting done lately but I think I have a pretty good excuse: there’s been a hurricane, people. Like all natural disasters, it’s not over once the threat is gone. There is a LOT of cleaning up to do. Our freezer still only has french fries and ice cream in it. You know: the bare essentials. The purchase of Mario Golf as a Hurricane Treat has certainly not helped the situation. I love those little plumbers.

In spite of all odds (I emptied my entire knitting bag into the dirt while hopping out of the car, little balls of Jazz rolled everywhere. To top this off it was dark and I had to get out the flashlight to find everything.), I have managed to finish the front of M’s vest. When you add that to the back of the vest you get an Almost Finished Project. The shoulders were attached with a three needle bindoff – the best way to get a nice, neat seam when you’ve got any kind of ribbing. Invisible stitch doesn’t look nearly as nice if it isn’t done on stockinette.

Angus' new tunic

Today’s photos courtesy of Michael D. Ivey.
Angus’ fluffy beard shows the deep V-neck to it’s best advantage.

Angus was bribed with his favorite treat in all the world to be still for these pictures (he doesn’t like wearing clothes). Betty was interested in the whole procedure. She is a little camera hog.

Anyway, I did the neckband on during the debate last night and hope that I find time to put the arm bands on this afternoon. Then it’s time for a new project. I’m either going to make myself a sweater vest out of the orange cotton-ease in my stash or the little maroon wool cardigan from a vintage pattern. I haven’t made up my mind. I do know that I am Not Ready for the Highland Thing so I am stalling a little bit.

PS I got up before the sun so that I would have time to blog today and the server isn’t responding. Aurgh.

PPS The high yesterday was only 77°. That’s how you know it’s fall. That and that my bulb order came from Spring Hill.