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Oh, hey, did I tell you that M’s sister was graduating from high school? No? Well, she did and we just got back from Atlanta. Great Gran went up with us and spent the night with Mom (they apparently didn’t see enough of each other last week) while we went on up to Woodstock for the graduation festivities. All of this is to say: ROAD TRIP KNITTING!

First we have the green bear Great Gran is making for a friend’s Upcoming Grand-Baby. I did his head and arms in the car on the way up so that Mom could do his face.

green baby bobbi bear

Aw. The cuteness.

Then, I managed to finish one of the LL socks I started ages ago. You can’t tell in the picture, but I promise it’s finished.

sock in traffic

No lives were endangered by the taking of this picture. We had been at a dead stop in traffic for ten minutes.

Since I couldn’t find (was too lazy to root around for) the scissors or my darning needle, the LL sock is still attached to the circulars. Instead of starting sock #2, I worked on the ever growing Flower Basket Shawl. Which I am actually really enjoying.


It had another repeat on it by the time we made it home.

Wait. How much did you and Great Gran get done last night, Mom? What’s that? None?! That means I’m winning! Mwahahahahaha! Mwahhahahaha! *cough*

At the Ballet

We took a pile of yarn

knit picks color your own

and added a large amount of Kool-Aid

pile of empties

and ended up with this:

pink, purple and orange yarn cakes

Mom’s is pink lemonade, Great Gran’s is grape and mine is lemonade with three packets of orange thrown in for good luck.

Pretty neat, huh? Especially for folks with No Idea what they were doing. I have no pictures of the actual dyeing process because, as many of you already know, my Mother and Grandmother do not show up on film. But we did have a great time and at the end we were happy with our results. I am also having fun with the Flower Basket Shawl, the Kool-Aid Yarn’s Destiny. It’s complex but not painful and really pretty. As you can see from the picture: Mom is winning, but Great Gran and I am catching up.

The second sock is finished! I made it to the toe last night during my cousin’s ballet recital (Cinderella – she was a step-sister) so that the second sock (who was suffering from Second Sock Syndrome) could get a little culture.

my cousin and the sock

And now I have a confession to make. I have discovered Second Life. Whatever you do, don’t try it. It will cut into your Regularly Scheduled Knitting Time and make you Stay Up Late. Kind of like sock yarn. I miss sock yarn.

Sibling Rivalry

So the second sock has been a little down in the dumps because his buddy got to got to DC. To improve his morale, we took him out to dinner on Sunday. He picked the place.

sock and delicious pizza

Papa’s Pizza has a new location with a “view of the Bay.” Which means: if you sit by the window, crane your neck, look over the highway and trees, you can see the water. Heh.

Guess what Mom and Great Gran and I are doing tomorrow! You’ll never guess. I’ll give you a clue:


This is all your fault Becky. I do mean that in the nicest possible way!