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home again home again

We’re back from our turn-around trip to Atlanta (not “Altanta,” I’m sorry if I misled you) and all I have to show for it is a pair of socks.

orange socks!

Mediumweight Socks That Rock (Fred Flintstone) with adapted Basic Cabled Socks.

As I mentioned when I was making Carola‘s Toasty Toes, I heart the mediumweight STR. Springy, squidgy, quick and nice to work with, I now have a snuggy pair of socks in a fun color. This is absolutely a yarn that I will use again. Especially since I have enough left over to make stripes on a pair of future socks.

My feed-reader also seems to have healed itself over the weekend. This means a leisurely morning of catching up with everyone (and ignoring the work-related email that has accumulated over the weekend – I would be more interested if there was yarn involved). I think this calls for a second pot of coffee.

Together Again

Through the magic of Perfect Celestial Alignment (The Col. is home with a new logic board, I found portrait mode on the new camera so my pictures are no longer blurry, and the luck) I bring you the following quick installment in the Yarn Miracle Saga:

delicious browns!

Sock Hop sock yarn in Brown-Eyed Girl.

I was lucky enough to get some of this during the last wave. I sat around and hit reload on the Crown Mountain page for about a half an hour the day it was supposed to go up for sale. Totally worth it – I really love fleece dyed yarns, they are so interesting and unpredictable. The fact that it’s handspun by real people with names (and some with blogs) is really fun (I pretend that Teyani made mine). Did I mention it was superwash? Awwww yeah. This yarn is for socks for ME.

I think I am happy with the new camera (just like the old camera but a newer generation). The pictures don’t come out pink, so what more could a girl wish for?

sleepy kitty

Abigail in the sun.

I really really really missed the computer. William Henry missed it, too. He is making my neck very warm and possibly giving me chronic back pain in the future. The only thing that seems to be wrong is that the feedreader won’t update. I will deal with that when we get back from Altanta tomorrow. Nobody do anything Time Sensitive ’til I get back!


I learned today that the laptop doesn’t send my email sometimes. They sit in my outbox instead of traveling to their destinations. Why I didn’t notice this before, I couldn’t tell you (there were three messages in there from February). If I sent you messages the past few days you didn’t get them, I am very sorry.

Hot Doughnuts Now!

I forgot to mention that on the way back from The Computer Store (for real, that’s the name of the store), the Hot Doughnut light was on! A hot original glazed doughnut (or six) makes me feel so much better about life.

Logic Board

For the record, my recent abscence is not because of some sort of deep psychological wound over Wake Forest’s* win the other day.

Jacksonville Stadium

Jacksonville Stadium! There is a knitting in the rain picture but it is in M’s phone.**

My not-been-blogging-problem is much more serious: Colonel North (my iMac, long story) is sick. The other morning, The Col. just wouldn’t wake up. He is off at The Computer Store (for real, that’s the name of the place) getting a new logic board. I miss him so much.

The Yarn Tourism on Saturday was as dissappointing as the rain and the football. We arrived at KnitWitz at 3 minutes ’til ten (when they were supposed to open) and stood around making their window smeary for ten mintes waiting for someone to open the shop.

yarny goodness behind a locked door

Let me IN!

I finally called it quits because there was just enough time to run to the other yarn store: A Stitch in Time. They were open, but since they also sell cross stitch and needlepoint, they carried the usual small store yarn selection (felting, novelty, Debbie Bliss, the only sock yarn I saw was On-Line) along with a good-sized selection of patterns. I didn’t buy anything and I didn’t take any pictures. No one spoke to me when I came through the door, no one asked what I was looking for when I frantically searched the needle rack***, no one offered to help when I was aimlessly scanning the yarn. They didn’t even say “thank you for coming” as I was on my way out. This made me feel unloved (a feeling I don’t usually get when surrounded by yarn). So I didn’t take pictures.

On the upside, the new camera is here! We also got a Wii which means that I have been playing Zelda. Saving Hyrule really takes the edge off.

*Congratulations! It couldn’t have happened to a more polite bunch of football fans! Game Day was a pleasure in spite of the steady, cold drizzle, the pat-down at the gate and the fact that the game itself was not that exciting (final score: 6-9, all points made with field goals). Your coach seems like a really nice guy and I hope you have fun in Miami.

**M is not awake. So I am using the laptop. This is also my excuse for any unnoticed gramatical errors (I am fond of sentance fragments) and unnoticed mispelled words. My spelling is lousy. My email capabilities are also dependent upon how long he sleeps.

***Another set of size 1 bamboo dpns. I live in fear that I will break one and be unable to knit. One of the reasons I only use bamboo needles when I think I will have to go through security and they might take my sock.

On The Road

Yesterday, before we had even gotten out of town, the Jeep hit its thousand mile mark. Did I mention that we got a new car? It’s a green Jeep Liberty and we love it. Here is what I was doing at this historic moment:

cast on and join

We are in the drive-through at Taco Bell.

I got finished with the cuff and three rows of pattern before I decided I didn’t especially like the pattern. It just wasn’t looking like anything but mess in the sock-gauge. I read Bill Bryson’s new memoir out loud in the car until it got dark and then I came up with a way to fix it (with out having to re-do my cuff which I had made in 3×3 ribbing specifically to look nice with this pattern. I’ll show you later – the sun isn’t really up yet (neither is Michael) and I am blogging from the hotel room.

Last night there was a “party” down by the river (at a mall-type-thing) with a “band” (three guys with electric keyboards that looked like little grand pianos) and fireworks! I love fireworks. They were launched off of a barge out on the water. The barge that kept drifting closer during the show, so by the end everyone was all covered in a gentle dusting of soot and charred paper.

drunken tech fans

This is right before the fireworks.

There is yarn on the way to the stadium! I think I have time to visit one store before attending more festivities (there is a pep rally that my aunt is Very Excited about). My priorities are in Perfect Order.

Go, Jackets!
Go, yarn!