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To Jog or Not to Jog

Alrighty. Both cats are complete (and I have moved on to a dog and a cashmere bear). Creamsicle with a Joggless Jog and Butterscotch with seaming.


From the front, they look about the same.

I enjoyed knitting Creamsicle Tabby much more, and I think his shape is cuter. I don’t really mind seaming as an activity, but it made Butterscotch harder to stuff – especially given the way I finish the arms and legs. Creamsicle’s arms and legs have a decided curve to them where the joggless jog pulls at them and also a raised ridge where the jogless jog actually happens. Both heads were knit in the round.


You can really see the difference from the back.

I used Meg’s method on Creamsicle Kitty, and opted to do them all in the same place (it made more sense than a raised spiral around the toy’s middle). That method is also decribed very clearly here. There are other ways to make jogless stripes in the round, (my favorite is this one) but none of them work on a toy when the stripes are only two rounds wide.

So which is better: Butterscotch where the stripes match or Creamsicle where the shapes look better. And does anyone have any other ideas?

Finishing Things

There are no pictures of the single finished graduation sock. I was in such a hurry that I completely forgot to take them. I did manage to take a blurry camera phone picture of the bag. The sock is in the bag if that helps at all.


I made the gift bag.

My cousin’s instructions are to try on the sock and let me know if it fits. Then I’ll start the second one. I haven’t heard from him yet, so I’ve had time to finish a kitty.


The bell is to warn the birds.

I knit my toys in the round so I used a “jogless jog” to match Creamsicle Tabby’s stripes. I’m not over the moon with the result, his arms and legs are curved and have a raised line of stitches. It’s not unpleasant or ugly, but it is a ways from perfection. There seems to be some disagreement about how to accomplish a smooth stripe, so there are a couple of other things I can try. in the meantime, I’ve started on a flat Butterscotch Tabby to see if I can live with the seaming. So we’ll see which looks better. Maybe have a little vote.

Sew, Baby

**WEE TINY SWAPPERS: if you haven’t received your Wee Tiny Sock, please email my sister (annae0055 AT yahoo DOT com)!**

We now return to the regularly scheduled post.

I’ve always had a problem with summertime knitting. Wool is hot. I usually make a lot of CounterPain progress in the summer – which is good since my 2009 CounterPain Progress = ZERO. And the toy making is going well. And there is Son of Dish Rag Tag (more on that in another post, I need some ideas).


In the summertime.

I remember that I have a sewing machine.

It started because Ellie needed new pajamas (without snaps, she learned how to work snaps). Then I made Spring Ruffled Top from Rae’s tutorial!


I don’t know why I look so cranky. Here’s the back.

Next time, I will taper the ruffles so there is room for arm divots and add the side shaping. I love it and it is comfy cool so there is a definitely a next time. Now I’ve got plans for all of this:


And more!

Tops, skirts, pajamas for everyone and shorts for Ellie!

I also really really need to get on Hunter’s Graduation Socks. It would be nice to be able to wrap at least one without the needles still in it. They are, however, made of wool. As we’ve already discussed: wool is hot.

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Hen House

The chickens are available as a Ravelry download!


Chicken Chicken Chicken

Next I will put them on Etsy (all done)! I just have to figure out if there is anything special about pdfs (there isn’t, you have to email them to the buyer). The printed patterns will be available later. After they are printed.