Sunday is for Treasuries: Yard Work

‘Yard Work’ by yarnmiracle

Today I will lead you into battle against the blackberries. It’s us or them.

















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5 thoughts on “Sunday is for Treasuries: Yard Work

  1. Nicole

    Doesn’t look like a battle… its way too nice & tidy looking. tee hee. bet the reality is much more gruesome… GOOD LUCK !

  2. kathy b

    You have done it again. WHat gorgeous mix of images. I love the little red shoes…
    I must say it isnt’ springy looking at all out my Chicago window today…..

  3. Regula

    I love blackberries. And I have a whole jungle of them near the barn. It’s a fight to get them straight on the wires every spring, which always makes me think of the fairy tail “Dornröschen”. Although I’m the prince who might find death in the thorns. However, it’s worth it. Of course the thornless blackberries don’t taste as delicious at all.

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