11 thoughts on “Fourth

  1. Kathy Crispino

    Love seeing you and your family!!!! Who cares if it’s raining…Happy 4th!

  2. emily Post author

    I forgot to mention! As of yesterday we’ve been married THIRTEEN YEARS. The only times I feel old are my anniversary and my birthday. 😛

  3. Guylaine

    I remember when you told us you were pregnant, I followed your blog since then, but oh my god … time passes so fast … you form a beautiful family! Congratulation Emily !!

  4. Coralee

    What a wonderful picture! Happy belated Anniversary and may you have many,many more each happier than the last.

    Marty & I are fast approaching 23 yrs of marriage, been together 26….often it seems like yesterday. I’m one lucky gal and he’s one lucky guy 🙂

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