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Ellie and I spent last week at the Farm with Great Gran. This week she is on her own! Well, mostly. We still make sure to visit once a day (and when we don’t Aunt Wendy does), I talk to her on the phone 3-4 times a day (I’ve been doing that for 10 years so that’s not new) and Great Gran decided she’s not going shopping anymore so that’s our job too. But anyway: YAY progress!

I also have a small confession to make.

I love dollhouses.

Ellie got her dollhouse from Gran and Pop (my parents) this Christmas. After I emptied my PayPal account furnishing it (Lundby is awesome), I remembered how I like tiny things. Since my own dollhouse (from my granddad when I was 5) is well-outfitted and I need to leave Ellie a little space to make cool things for herself as she grows, I gave some thought to what else I could make tiny. Three guesses what I came up with and the first two don’t count.


A yarn shop!

I’ve assembled the building, and now I am working on the stock. I need lots of little yarn.


The cubbies used to be a thimble display case.

Can’t sell just one type of yarn, so I’m working on lots of different fibers.


That’s my organic cotton and my lace weight (sewing thread).

It’s just a little thing that is completely consuming my interest in between knitting rabbits. It’s really all about the rabbits this time of year.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Sweet Nothings seem to be arriving all over the country! Since my package is on the way to another country, I’ll show you what I got instead of what I sent to save the surprise for Barbara.

My treats from Lisa are all wrapped up!


Including all the chocolate – but not for long!



Soak! Yarn slicey thing (Aren’t those COOL?! I’ve never had one but Granny Nix did and I was envious)! The sheep gauge/needle size guy had especially perfect timing, I couldn’t find any of mine this morning and I can’t tell a 2 from a 3 just by looking! And I was contemplating cookies so I’m gonna take the cookie cutter as a sign. I can’t get a decent close up of the stitch markers (I love stitch markers – my knitting likes to be fancy), but they have itty bitty complicated findings and wee beads (just like I like em). There’s even a cat, but I suspect Ellie will want to wear that one as a charm so I already hid it in one of my tins.

Ellie has a treat from Lisa too, but she’s out picking up the new car so it isn’t opened yet. I keep thinking that the new car might be it’s own post, but there is not that much of a story. We traded in the Jeep for a Prius. I’m not sure where all our stuff will go and what happens when we need to pick up a stray, but it’s deep blue and gets very good gas milage. I’ve still got high hopes that Jeep will figure out how to make a hybrid before it’s time for another new one.

Many many thanks from both of us, Lisa!

It’s time for a little bit of a Sweet Nothing round-up don’t you think? Share in the comments what you sent to who – and if you’ve posted on your blog about your goodies, please include a link!

To the Mailbox!

Time to mail those Sweet Nothings, folks!

Sometime next week, I’ll do a tiny round-up post and get everyone to comment about their favorite notion, but for now I don’t want to spoil any surprises!

If you’re lucky I’ll add a picture later, but I just realized that Ellie and I haven’t made Valentine’s yet and they need to get in the mail on Monday! Eek!

There is just too much going on. I don’t care for it.

Time to Spare

Sweet Nothing Partners are assigned! With two hours of weekend left! That’s the most timely thing I’ve done in a while.


My inability to get things done in a timely fashion is directly proportional to the number of obstacles I have to work around.

If you signed up and didn’t get your partner’s information, give a yell and I’ll send it again!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll show you what I’ve been working on. It’s not the stuff I should be working on. Which is why my shop is empty.