Hello, World!

Right after I posted yesterday, Claire (the Air) slowed way way way down and started acting weird. I tried very hard to shut her down for a rest but she beat me to it…and wouldn’t turn back on.

Logic board. So meet Claire III!

Same model, same name.

Same model, same name. I miss my other stickers.

Best Buy sales and a backup from 10:30am made my downtime minimal. Not like last time.

One thought on “Hello, World!

  1. Danielle

    My logic board just failed, too, and when I brought it to the Apple Store for a diagnosis (thinking I’d take it somewhere else for a cheaper fix), it was covered under some Quality Assurance program, and I got a free repair! So if you still have your old one, maybe it’s covered, too?

    Anyway, that was last week. Last night, my Maude cat yacked up a hairball on to the keyboard, and now the right side of the keyboard is not working. Here’s hoping it dries out!!

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